Thinking Intuition Intelligence Knowledge Exploration Comprehension

Thinking Intuition Intelligence Knowledge Exploration Comprehension
Thinking, especially digging deep and exploring far and wide is a crime and a sin in our society. They would rather want you to not think, at all. Even if you think, they want you to stay superficial. You must obey and follow the norms without ever questioning or doubting anything and anyone at the helm of affairs. Deep thinkers are considered weird, odd, OCD or living in another world. While deep thinkers are the ones who are actually in touch with reality. Rest of us, are just living in an illusion created by governments, corporate media, and public education system.

The bases of this great deception lie in the false and baseless notion that we are our brain. We are not our brain. We are not our mind. We are not even our consciousness. These are only biological devices used to make ourselves aware of our physical bodies, to connect us with our bodies, and run and control our physical existence. People with the out of body experiences have frequently found themselves separate from their physical bodies. Meditators and psychedelic user often enter into an altered state of consciousness where they can perceive and gain knowledge far beyond the reaches of brain, mind and our current state of consciousness.

Intelligence is a survival skill needed only by our physical bodies. It does not have much value for our true state of existence. It keeps us trapped into this linear, dualistic, spacetime, 3D paradigm. Spiritual people are telling us about other dimensions and higher levels of consciousness for millennia. It is only recently that the Quantum Physics has made it possible for us to scientifically prove these facts. Quantum mechanics’ recent discoveries essentially prove that the intelligence, reason, and science lag thousands of years behind in the true perception of reality in the spiritual world.

Knowledge, entirely based on six senses only, is a far outdated thing, as well. “I believe what I see” is one of the most idiotic things you can ever say in your lifetime. What we perceive with our six senses is actually a very tiny proportion of electromagnetic spectrum or what actually exists. At the quantum level, the electromagnetic spectrum, and frequencies, wavelengths, and intensities within it are the only existence. Electromagnetic waves are the basis of all existence and give rise to particles and matter. Matter comes into existence only when our own act of observation collapses the wave function.

Most of the current cultures in the world discourage exploration. Whether it is religion, nationalism, conservatism, liberalism, statism or so-called norms, everything is final. There is a right way of thinking, talking and doing things, and then there are wrong, sinful, bad, weird, unacceptable and stupid ways of thinking, talking and behaving. There is no middle road, there are no other possibilities. This essentially means that one size fits all. No one is supposed to go outside the sphere they are trapped in. No need to waste your time in exploration, search and research. Be just like everyone else. You have no individual existence. You are part of the community and must be in complete confirmation with your community.

Spiritually speaking, without any doubt all of us are coming from the same source. We all are the part of the whole. We all are the depiction of God. He resides within all of us and is expressed in all of us. But God has also given us a totally unique soul, completely different DNA and a free will. We have all the rights to fully express our distinctive identities. No one has the authority to limit our free will.

Unfortunately, the limits on our free will are frequently placed in the name of governments, religion, ethics, morality, culture, and traditions. Even Hitler never said that he was there to take away all the rights. Everything he did was for the good of his people and for the betterment of overall humanity. What people need to know is that oppression is never done in the name of oppression. It is always done for the reasons like safety and security, and various similar. Nobody wants to be oppressed. So, nowadays, oppressors always disguise themselves. Every oppressed group of people that has ever been oppressed had the illusion that it was being done for their own good. Oppressors always set up a very well-designed stage to give us the illusion of good. In most cases, the majority of oppressed people are like a frog in a container of water that is being slowly heated to the boiling temperatures. The frog does not even realize his fate until he gets boiled. Oppressors have realized over time that sudden, violent, naked and aggressive oppression is always confronted by a powerful resistance. So, now acts of oppression are almost never naked and open. Even if they get exposed, the corporate media is always there to affirm that the king is not naked. It is the problem with the eyes of people who are seeing him naked. Not with the king himself.
Although the big media has been entirely wrong on every major turn in our history, you can still find plenty of people saying, “It must be true. It was on CNN”. Every single time things go wrong in spite of all the assurances from big media. Even if things do not go wrong those always go in a totally different direction, at least. After the fact, media starts blaming different scapegoats and never accepts its own fault. They would run the tapes of Bush, Rumsfeld, Geithner, Paulson, Reagan, and Trump to show how wrong were they. But I have never seen them showing their own clips showing how wrong was media in the meantime. I agree that Bush started a completely baseless war against Iraq. But, when Bush administration was building the public opinion against that falsely presumed WMDs in Iraq, there was hardly any pundit on media who said that he was wrong. As a matter of fact, they played a huge role in building the public opinion in the favor of attack on Iraq. Similar are the stories with bailouts in 2008 and 2009, and 2016 elections. In accordance with their narrative, Hillary and media were wrong because Americans trusted Putin more than Hillary and big media. Sounds like a loose-loose game to me.
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