Taxes, Individuals, Businesses, Jobs, Growth, Government

This article analyzes the effects of taxation and big government on growth rates by comparing the first first half of American history with the second half. Provides, real world examples from real and proven history. Exposes the liberal gimmicks based on manipulations of number and data within a smartly selected period of time. Explains, why replacing one regulation with another, doesn’t work. Emphasizes that to prevent any further disaster, we need a radical change in our taxation policies and size of government.

Taxes, Fines, Government, Extortion, IRS, Conspiracies

This article analyzes the conspiracy theories and governments’ monopoly on power in the light of recently growing U.S. militaristic involvement in many countries around the world. Highlights the fact that only individuals are supposed to have monopoly on power, not the governments. The institution of government is supposed to serve individuals, not the other way around. Governments are public servants, not the masters.

Obamacare, Exchanges, Federal, State, Taxes, Subsidies

This article analyzes the right of federal government to provide subsidies under Obamacare law, in the light of recent federal appeals court decisions. Highlights the disasters caused by this very poorly thought and written law. Brings into focus a more comprehensive and wider perspective. Tries to find real solutions to the problems and issues. Compares free market solutions with solutions provided by government.

Regulations, Manufacturing, Competition, Exports, Revenue, Taxes

This article analyzes the strangling effects of excessive taxation and government regulations on our economy and finances. Answers the arguments presented by big proponents of big government, taxation and welfare, with the help of a common sense, hypothetical example. Unveils the fact that all this presumed current need for welfare programs and unemployment is the result of excessive taxation.

Social Engineering, Subsidies, Taxes, Contractors, Citizens

This article analyzes the issue of big government, its weapons of mass deception AKA corporate media, its enormous burden on economy, tax payers, and personal freedoms, Exposes the ridiculousness of social engineering. Explains the whole crooked process of selling social engineering projects to citizens. Uncovers, how these social engineering projects are directly related to corporate welfare and trickle up economy.

Wars, Military Industrial Complex, Cost, Taxes

This article analyzes the ever going U.S. wars and defense spending. Brings into focus the global scenario, economic and financial questions and concerns, rapidly growing size of government, its control, power and authority, Performs a rough cost and benefit analysis. Raises the question, do these wars really worth that much? Why would we allow them to tear down our very national, social, economic and financial fabric?

G8, Taxes, Tyranny, Big Government, Singapore

This article analyzes the tyranny of taxes and big government, and compares it with low taxes and small government environments. Explores the inverse relationship between high government spending and unemployment. Finds out the reasons, why the big governments have been flourishing in Western countries. Digs out the relationship between politics of money and corruption. Explains the role of individuals in fixing these issues.

Global Warming, Energy Insanity, Taxes, Subsidies

This article analyzes the rampant corruption and cronyism going on in U.S. government, in the name of wars and green technology. Unveils the role of corporate lobbies and big media in this ongoing and worsening situation. Points out, why a government too big in size and authority is the biggest threat to the survival of any nation and country. Diggs out and suggests the possible solutions for this serious problem.

Krugman, Reinhart, Debt, Spending, Taxes, Growth

This article analyzes and compares conflicting views and opinions of two of the world’s most popular economists, Mr. Krugman and Mr. Reinhart. The basic argument is, whether we spend our way out of this crisis or should we pull our reins on reckless spending. Mr. Krugman is advocating the idea of making more money available for economy, regardless of its source. On the other hand, Mr. Reinhart, holds the view that it really matters where money is coming from.

Obama, Budget Deficits, Taxes, Spending, CBO

This article analyzes the current U.S. budget and debt crisis, in the light of two party duopoly on our political system. Points out the fact that people are flip flopping from one party to another, in the false hope of getting something better out of other party. Unfortunately, every time we switch over to the other party, the outcome we get is even worse than before. The reason for that is because both parties are now totally corrupt, and work for same corporations and their lobbies. The only way out of this mess is a third party controlling White House.

Fiscal Cliff, Spending, Taxes, Deficits

This article analyzes the, so called, fiscal cliff, political bickering, and offers real and practical solutions. Highlights the effects of spending and tax cuts, in broader economic and financial terms. Finds out why the two major political parties keep worsening the situation and could not achieve real solutions. Digs out the role of special interest in these ongoing and worsening issues. Explores the co-relation between two party duopoly on our political system and look busy, do nothing government. Figures out the real and practical choices, that are available to us as a declining nation.

Herman Cain’s Drop Out, Taxes

This video covers a very wide range of currently hot political topics. Starts with the discussion on drop out of Herman Cain from 2012 Republican political race. Broadens down to U.S. politics and taxation. Brings into focus and compares the federal taxes and taxes in various Republican and Democratic states. Covers different forms of taxes like income tax, consumption tax, property tax, car tax and capital gains taxes.