Since the turn of the century, we have appeared to exist in a world of increasingly apparent extremes. Whether this refers to political opinion and religious belief systems, or the swelling number of underweight and overweight individuals in US society, the concept of the extreme is particularly prevalent in contemporary culture. Although it is a clear symptom of modern living and behavioral trends, there is little to suggest whether there is an inherent cause or a suitable resolution.

The issue of health and body image acts as a significant example. Statistics released by the US census suggests that less than a third of the adult population are considered to be at a healthy weight and BMI, with the remaining majority either underweight or overweight in comparison. To compound this worrying data, each problem appears to be divided by gender, with males recording 70 percent of their number either overweight or obese, and an estimated 3 percent of females underweight.

Knowledge vs Ignorance

These two very different health issues are born of entirely individual causes. Obesity is a result of ignorance, where individuals do not modify their diet or levels of exertion to match their lifestyle requirements or the accepted knowledge on the subject. In contrast, individuals who are underweight are often influenced by the media representation of body image and type, and adapt their own eating habits and trends to create a body that is more compatible with what the see.

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