The number of couples who married between 2009 and 2010 saw a further decrease from previous years. For all the theories that are advanced towards the relevance of marriage in modern times, the reduced volume of wedding ceremonies is perhaps most influenced by the global economic downturn. With the cost of an average wedding estimated at $20,000, many couples deem it irresponsible to spend that sum of money on one single event in such precarious financial times.

With couples also unwilling to compromise on their specific wedding plans, they are left with the decision to whether to defer their wedding until a later date, or concoct creative solutions to reduce cost without losing quality. Their latter option requires much research, innovation and dedication, but through the application of such qualities it is possible to make a wedding day more affordable and appropriate to the times.

Since 2006, it has been reported that an increasing number of US couples have cohabited together despite being unmarried. The estimated number of unmarried couples who share lodgings has fluctuated between 5 and 6.4 million in the last 4 years, but regardless of the exact quantities the trend is leaning towards an average increase year on year.

These statistics and the ever publicised ascent of the divorce rate (which most experts suggest is currently estimated at between 45 and 51 percent) have drawn sharply into focus the relevance of marriage in the modern era. There are various factors which deter couples from marriage and matrimony, from financial concerns to the more fundamental issue of social trends and they way that marriage is perceived by the younger generation.

With an estimated four in ten US marriages now ending with divorce, the stability of marital harmony has never been more precarious. From these figures, it has also emerged that approximately 43% of marriages do not last beyond 15 years, and further examination of this statistic makes interesting reading. Of the marriages that do end in divorce with these 15 years, many suffer problems and disruptions to their relationships through the very first year of their existence.

A honeymoon is different to any other type of vacation experience, as it is suggested that US citizens spend on average three times more on their honeymoon as on a standard trip. This is understandable given the sense of relaxation and celebration prevalent on honeymoon vacations, and is also influenced by the destinations that honeymooners chose to visit. This article discusses the best honeymoon vacation destinations.

This article tackles the steep rate so of divorce in the US and the potential for it to rise further by 2025. It explores the possible causes, such as virtal dating and the online age and quest for instant gratification and fulfillment. With a look towards the future, the piece also looks at whether this scenario is likely to change over generations.

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