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This article analyzes the first amendment rights, especially in the light of abortion, freedom of speech and choice. Shows, how it applies on every day situations. Takes, in depth look on abortion related arguments. Enriches it with a very personal story. Performs a scientific review. Discusses the proven scientific facts of human Embryology, cellular and tissue biology. Brings into focus the related ethical and constitutional issues.

As the US desperately seek ways to trim their $1.5 trillion budget deficit before the close of 2011, certain organizations are coming under increased scrutiny with regards their exact need and purpose. Planned Parenthood is one such entity, and has subsisted in the US for decades, despite being at the center of consistent controversy during that time. Now, as an organization that courts direct opposition and receives an estimated $363 million annually from the government, it has emerged as a potential target for expenditure cuts.

Opinion and Criticism

Planned Parenthood has divided opinion in the US for years, and has both staunch supporters and opposition from different individuals and social groups. Those who agree with its presence and purpose feel that it offers and invaluable outlet to pregnant females and families, offering advice and family planning in the strictest of confidence. Conversely, its opposition have claimed that the organization is divisive and carries questionable morality and values, and in essence encourages a casual attitude towards sexual liaison.

The organizations cause has not been helped by recent incidents, which have caused the dismissal of two members of staff and excessive media coverage. In stings conducted by Live Action, one staff member was filmed accepting donations from a racially bigoted donor, while another was captured offering to facilitate birth control and abortions for under-age girls. These incidents were distasteful in the extreme, and have caused an even greater backlash from economists and religious groups nationwide.

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