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In an ideal and picturesque world, retirement is a golden epoch in an individuals life, where they are able to relax and enjoy the twilight years of their life in the company of their family and friends. In addition to this, they are rewarded for their years of hard work and significant contributions to the economy with a deserved pension, which is available to them in conjunction with any additional savings they may have earned over time. With the advances in medicine improving health conditions and the longevity of life, it is supposed to be a durable and well earned reward for the hard working individuals of the US.

However, the harsh reality of existence rarely reflects an individual ideology, and the instance of retirement is a case in point. There is a global phenomenon of people retiring at an increasingly elderly age, and particular employment reforms in the US are ensuring that this trend is being reflected throughout the nation. The UK and France are also seeing modifications to their legislation which is deferring the average age of retirement, creating a generation of individuals who are forced to delay enjoying the fruits of their labors.

Debt as a Central Issue

Given the combined and individual levels of debt that continue to strange the life out of contemporary societies, it is little wonder that people are being forced to work harder and longer for their retirement purse. The recent global recession has not helped the matter, and governments are being coerced into delaying the standard retirement age to ensure the stability of social security, and also help to maintain an able economy. However, while the concept of a national debt is one thing, this issue is compounded when the levels of consumer debt remain so high and prevalent.

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