There have been varying stories in the media in the formative months of 2011 that have questioned the application of democratic values in the US, and whether various governing and educational bodies are losing sight of the principles that discern a liberal rule. In particular, there appear to be issues concerning individuals who fully utilize their rights to free speech and independence of thought, especially those which infringe on the accepted conventions of society.

On the back of the news that a US teacher was temporarily suspended for expressing her opinions on her profession through an online blog, a Michigan high school this week moved to announce a gender neutral prom court for their students this Spring. This is as a reaction to an incident which first took place last fall, where a transgendered student was stripped of the homecoming king title he had been awarded by his peers.

Understanding the Restrictions on Liberal Rule

The latter set of circumstances have drawn mixed emotions from those involved, and serious criticism for the schools governing principles. Firstly, their decision to deny the student the title he had earned in the first instance was dubious in terms of its democratic merit, and their response to change the entire tradition of prom court structure seems little more than an act of ill considered political correctness to avoid negative press coverage.

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