Wars, Vets, Injuries, Care, VA, Privatization

This article analyzes the causes and horrors caused by perpetual state of war, in the light of current scandal related to Department of Veterans Affairs. Clears up the big media and political clout, and explores the actual causes and solutions. Brings into focus the fact that the root cause of these issues is unbearable cost of continuously on going wars. Uncovers the real beneficiaries and sufferers of wars.

Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis, Part 14

This article analyzes the adverse economic effects of our governments continuous attempts to police the world and resultant wars, in the light of 1969-70 recession. Effectively shows, how recklessly lose supply of money through ridiculous fiscal and monetary policies cause inflation, currency devaluation, unemployment, depressed wages and benefits. lowered standards of living and recessions.

Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis, Part 11

This article analyzes the inflationary effects of monetary and fiscal interventions, and their strangulation on economy, in the light of experience with 1953 recession. Compares the effectiveness of hidden hand with government’s hands. Provides the explanations, reasons and evidence on, why government interventions just worsen an already bad recession. Highlights the alternatives or I should say the original alternatives to government interventions.

Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis, Part 9

This article analyzes the effects of sovereign debt on money valuation, purchasing power, wages and incomes, standards of living, business, prices and cost. Explains the concepts of direct and indirect taxation. Highlights the fact that governments, after world wide dominance of fiat currencies, now, prefer indirect taxes over direct taxation. Shows the political and popular media correctness of indirect taxation.

Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis, Part 8

This article analyzes the dynamics of sovereign debt and its consequences. Highlights its effects on an average Joe. Explores its relationship with money valuation, cost of living and doing business, demand, employment and wages. Criticizes Keynesian view of servicing the debt and indirect taxation through money devaluation. Uncovers the serious long and short term collateral damage done by Keynesian economics and policies.

Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis, Part 6

This article analyzes the relationship between inflation and recession in the light of 1923 recession. Highlights the fact that inflation caused by fiat money is always a precursor for recessions. The reason why current recovery is painfully prolonged is because high volumes of printed money are keeping prices raised and causing inflation, maintaining high cost of living and doing business. This is an enormous distortion in market adjustments.

Fed, Banking Regulations, capital flow, Crisis, Part 5

This article analyzes the mass media propaganda schemes and political bickering, in the light of 1918 recession. Compares the validity of official theories and alternate, so called, conspiracy theories. Highlights the power of information and knowledge. Provides the historical evidence regarding lies and deception in official versions, suppression of alternative points of view, subsequent proofs and evidence regarding the validation of alternate view and invalidity of official versions.

Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis, Part 4

This article analyses the current economic and financial situation in United States under the light of experience during 1920 Depression. Performs a comparison of fiscal and monetary manipulation by government, at the expense of tax payers, to “fix the economy” versus Laissez-faire. Highlights the sharp contrast in policies and resultant recovery during 1920 and 1929 depressions. Discusses the underlying factors behind this huge difference.

Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis, Part 3

This article analyzes Great Depression in a broader historical perspective. Sheds light on the causes and development of disaster. Connects the dots between major studies, articles, accounts and books on Great depression. Separates the reality from hype and propaganda. Points out to the parallels in 2008 and other major economic and financial disasters. Makes it clear, what may be prolonging recovery from 2008 crisis.

Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis. Part 1

This article is first in a series, analyzing the current state of affairs in United States under a very broad spectrum of global background, history, facts exploration, research, politics and Economics. Finds out, if the global and historical class warfare still going on in U.S.? Do we still have a class which is trying to enslave the masses? Explores the attacks on constitution of United States of America. Highlights the facts, why elite class envies our constitution, so much?

Shutdown, Big Government, Economy, Effects, Causes

This article analyzes the issues associated with U.S. federal government shutdown. Raises the question, why is it such a big deal, even? How and why federal government’s shutdown causes so much trouble in our lives and economy? Constitutionally speaking, federal government was supposed to be very small and limited, with almost no direct effect on our daily lives and economy. Instead of that it has become a giant monster, which scares and harasses everyone, all the time. Why does federal government only creates problems, and never solves any of those?

History, Governments, Wars, Laws, Taxation, Rights

This article analyzes history, in the light of different political and economic ideologies and point of views. Highlights the major players and their roles in good, and bad. Compares different interpretations and discusses various proposed solutions. Brings into focus the ideas of authority and freedom. Finds out, how government has been the single most common and destructive weapon, in all the destruction and havoc, ever imposed on humanity.

Action, Enjoyment, Liberty, Force, Government, Individual

This article compares individualism with collectivism. Finds out, if the collective good lies in individual freedom and happiness or individual welfare lies in collective reforms. Borrows arguments from the evolution of societies and civilization. Shows the contrast between the individual ownership of him or herself and statism. Justifies the value of inalienable rights to life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.

Chained CPI, Entitlements, Budget Deficits, Reforms

This article analyses the issues related to federal budgeting, deficits and debt. Diggs deep into the real causes and their perpetuation. Explores, how money, politics, corruption, dishonesty, human psychology and propaganda are involved. Finds out the real solutions. Stresses on the fact that a complete overhaul in political, financial and fiscal system is needed. Points out that it also requires a major change in the way we get information and use it to vote.

Our Story: Whore Choopo Ganne

This article analyzes, in depth, the issues of wars, national budget deficits and debt, policing of world and new world order. Highlights the grave and real consequences of imperialistic policies. Shows, how the downfall of empire is inevitable, if the current senseless policies are continued, maintained and not changed. Effectively proves that Barack Obama is just as a disappointment and utter failure, as George Bush. Brings into focus the fact that both major parties work for same lobbies and serve the save special interests.

Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 9

This article is the ninth, in a series, analyzing the candidacy of Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for president, in 2012 U.S. presidential elections. It provides a very broad and deep historical perspective to the evolution of money and trade, and government controls. Has a great criticism of monetary and fiscal policies. Effectively shows, how government regulations adversely effect the economy, in terms of devaluation of money, inflation, depressions, recessions and run-offs. Highlights the chain of events, in human history, leading to current dismal state of affairs.

Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 4

This article is the fourth in a series on the candidacy of Governor Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party Candidate for president of United States, in 2012 U.S. presidential elections. Brings into focus the issues of government regulations vs. free markets. Analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of big government. Sheds light on the ideas of war, and global influence and control vs. constitution and Bill of Rights. Finds out, if government is smarter or people and private enterprise. Answers the question, if we are better off, protected by government or free.

Obama, Banks, New World Order

This article analyzes the global financial crisis, it’s causes, fixes and reasons for repeated failures. It reviews the roles of government, congress, courts, agencies and law enforcement. Discusses the controversial issues like, Federal Reserve, printed money, debt, budget deficits and authority to issue money. Tries to get to the root causes of repeated financial crises and market failures. Sheds light on the role of corporate media and politicians sold out to corporate lobbies. Brings into focus the movement for restoration of constitution and individual liberties.

Global Recession: Causes, Consequences, Fixes, Part 13

This article concludes our thirteen parts discussion on global recession, it’s causes, consequences and fixes. Focuses on what happened, what is happening and why, and how can it be fixed? Explores different available options and proposals, in depth. Shades light on why certain options are being preferred over the others. Discusses the influence of money, power, corporate owned big media and corporate lobbies on our politics, government, policy making and legislation. Draws out a workable plan for every American.