This article analyzes our conflicts with Muslim world, in the light of latest ISIS offenses in Iraq. Brings into perspective the whole cultural, historic and evolutionary cycle of monotheistic religions. Compares the history of islam with other major religions. Connects the broken links and discusses the policy options to fix the mess we got ourselves in. Highlights the concerns of Muslims, playing a big role in overall worsening of situation in Middle East.

This article analyzes the under cover and covert operations of terrorism, executed by CIA, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and other extremist groups, in Pakistan, United States and other countries around the world. Explores the missing links in media reports and political propaganda. Highlights the agony of Pakistan and Pakistanis, suffering from this chaos, which is basically a result of radical war against Soviet invasion on Afghanistan. Builds up credible timeline in between events, their cause and consequences, as opposed to main stream media and politicians.

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