This article analyzes the concepts and reality of individual liberty and freedom, government, state and authority, and the inherent conflict between those. Applies an axe to the beliefs that government is for our own good or even a necessary evil. Provides the true meaning of freedom and points out to its roots and origins, since the origin of humanity. Introduces the logical reasoning, in favor of individual liberty and freedom, only limited by the respect for liberty and freedom of others. Uncovers the different aspects of governmental encroachments on individual liberty and freedom.

This article concludes our thirteen parts discussion on global recession, it’s causes, consequences and fixes. Focuses on what happened, what is happening and why, and how can it be fixed? Explores different available options and proposals, in depth. Shades light on why certain options are being preferred over the others. Discusses the influence of money, power, corporate owned big media and corporate lobbies on our politics, government, policy making and legislation. Draws out a workable plan for every American.

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