There is no doubt that creating and nurturing a life is one of the most valuable things that an individual can do with their time, and it is something which continues the essential cycle of life and existence. However, it is also an exceptionally difficult activity, and requires the considered devotion of both time and finance in order to raise a child successfully. With this in mind, it soon becomes increasingly difficult for new parents to maintain their own health and well being while caring for an infant, which can cause serious consequences in their short and long term futures.

Interestingly, a recent study conducted by the Paediatrics journal revealed that mothers rather than fathers are baring the physical brunt of child care, although both receive reduced levels of nutrition and exercise when compared to their childless contemporaries. The detailed study, which followed an approximate 1500 high school students into adulthood, revealed that the women who became parents subsequently consumed over 400 calories more per day than childless women of the same age and demographic.

A Question of Time

The primary issue seems to revolve around time, both in terms of mothers not being able to prepare a health conscious meal and also being unable to exercise accordingly. This creates a distinct imbalance with regards to the volume of calories consumed and the levels of subsequent physical activity, and leads to the individual becoming increasingly vulnerable to various health issues such as obesity. Although it may be argued that this is part of the personal sacrifice required to raise an infant child, it benefits nobody if the mother falls ill or suffers health issues as a consequence.

According to various reports, we are the time of year where people begin to renege upon or abandon their new year resolutions. Whether an individual has given up smoking or pledged to undertake an increased daily exercise program, the two week period between the end of January and middle of February oversees a watershed in their aspirations, as they their good intentions are challenged by the rigors of everyday existence. More often than not, resolutions that are formed in good spirits are broken do the detriment of a persons health or well being.

Worryingly, these health resolutions that are conceived in order to benefit an individual are being disregarded despite the wealth of information that surrounds them. The age of internet has afforded citizens access to a volume of information that is unprecedented, but despite this there is an inherent lack of motivation to abandon habits that continue to damage the health of society and its members. This raises questions about the World Wide Web, and whether it is ushering in an age of enlightenment or ignorance.

A Dilution of Relevant Information

The statistics surrounding health in the US. As the rate of US citizens suffering from being overweight or obese rises towards 70 percent, and a further 20 percent still choose to smoke on a daily basis, there are increasing concerns of an nutrition and health epidemic in the country. Yet these issues continue to remain prevalent despite the fact that their related information is not only readily available, but also advertised and promoted on various affiliated products.

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