This article analyzes the philosophy of freedom, in the light of authority enjoyed and exercised by the institution of government. Explores the role of media and education system in continuation of this modern form of slavery. Provides extremely logical and reasonable arguments. Explains why government is inherently suppressive. Discusses the origin and history of government. Cites very obvious examples of job creation and right to bear arms.

This article analyzes the reports that an alliance between Russia, China and Iran is in making. Discusses the argument being made by the people who want tougher sanctions or war against Iran. Evaluates the serious risks and benefits associated with an strike on Iran. Explores our options in this case. Proposes that the best policy is to stop interference in other country’s affairs. Otherwise, continued negotiations are the next best option.

This article analyzes the violent crimes and right to bear arms, in the light of United States constitution and historical background. Explores, why this right was provided and why it is critically important to maintain it. Uncovers the potential dangers attached to the disarming of people. Tries to find out the intentions of government and other groups that want to take away this right. Provides authentic quotes from our forefathers and references from history and constitution itself. Emphasizes that constitution and history cannot be re-defined in accordance with the wishes of liberal groups.

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