This article analyzes the supply and demand side arguments to combat an economic crises, in the light of current slow and dismal recovery from 2007-2009 recession. Explains, how and why,the creativity and innovation of entrepreneurs and inventors creates new markets, jobs and growth friendly environment, not the artificial demand created by government infrastructure projects. Highlights the adverse effects of deficit financing and increased taxation required for infrastructure projects.

This article analyzes the philosophy of freedom, in the light of authority enjoyed and exercised by the institution of government. Explores the role of media and education system in continuation of this modern form of slavery. Provides extremely logical and reasonable arguments. Explains why government is inherently suppressive. Discusses the origin and history of government. Cites very obvious examples of job creation and right to bear arms.

This article analyzes and compares conflicting views and opinions of two of the world’s most popular economists, Mr. Krugman and Mr. Reinhart. The basic argument is, whether we spend our way out of this crisis or should we pull our reins on reckless spending. Mr. Krugman is advocating the idea of making more money available for economy, regardless of its source. On the other hand, Mr. Reinhart, holds the view that it really matters where money is coming from.

This article analyzes the current U.S. budget and debt crisis, in the light of two party duopoly on our political system. Points out the fact that people are flip flopping from one party to another, in the false hope of getting something better out of other party. Unfortunately, every time we switch over to the other party, the outcome we get is even worse than before. The reason for that is because both parties are now totally corrupt, and work for same corporations and their lobbies. The only way out of this mess is a third party controlling White House.

This article analyzes the current U.S. government policies, in general. Discusses the arguments being used by Obama administration, in the favor of their policies. Provides some some key statistics and examples, directly related to the burning issues. Discloses the dramatically increasing insolvency of U.S. government, and it’s various funds and programs. Compares the more revenues argument with less spending proposals. Finds out, the real causes of major problem, faced by us, today. Provides a far more comprehensive picture, then what is being portrayed by government and media.

This article analyzes the, so called, fiscal cliff, political bickering, and offers real and practical solutions. Highlights the effects of spending and tax cuts, in broader economic and financial terms. Finds out why the two major political parties keep worsening the situation and could not achieve real solutions. Digs out the role of special interest in these ongoing and worsening issues. Explores the co-relation between two party duopoly on our political system and look busy, do nothing government. Figures out the real and practical choices, that are available to us as a declining nation.

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