This article analyzes U.S. foreign policy, in the light of current events in Iraq and Libya. Compares current policy of intervention with the policy of isolation practiced by our founding fathers. Brings into focus the human and economic cost. Discusses the adverse effects here at home and abroad. Shows, why is it impossible for any country to police the whole world and why billions of humans around the world can not have same way of living.

This article analyzes the causes and consequences of rampant government corruption. Points out the fact that corruption is a direct result of uncontrolled and ever growing authority. The size of government is now so big that even the most liberal people like president Obama are accepting the difficulties and pains in managing and controlling this monster. Engine of growth and prosperity are individual freedoms, not more regulations.

This article analyzes the current U.S. budget and debt crisis, in the light of two party duopoly on our political system. Points out the fact that people are flip flopping from one party to another, in the false hope of getting something better out of other party. Unfortunately, every time we switch over to the other party, the outcome we get is even worse than before. The reason for that is because both parties are now totally corrupt, and work for same corporations and their lobbies. The only way out of this mess is a third party controlling White House.

This is fifteenth and final article, in a series, analyzing the candidacy of Libertarian candidate for president of United States, in 2012 elections, Gary Johnson. It is focused on first nationally televised debate between Republican candidate Mitt Romney and Incumbent, Democratic Party Candidate, Barack Obama. Extensive and in depth references are provided, on almost every major issue, we are facing, right now. Sheds lights on the dramatic nature of debate, how it was totally devoid of substance and the most important issues were intentionally and tactfully dodged.

This is fourteenth, in a series of articles analyzing the candidacy of Libertarian party candidate for president of United States, in 2012 elections, Gary Johnson. It performs a very deep and extensive analysis of first presidential debate in 2012 election cycle. Shows, how the debate was totally useless, as far as the current burning issues of war and spending are concerned. Both candidates played, each others game, as usual, and did not discuss the issues, dear to the godfathers of their campaign, corporate lobbies.

This article is twelfth in a series, analyzing the candidacy of libertarian candidate for president, Gary Johnson, in 2012 U.S. presidential elections. It compares, in detail and depth, the plans being proposed by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, to cut the U.S. federal budget deficit and debt, with the ones, being proposed by Gary Johnson. Sheds light on candidates’ records. Explains, why we need a real change, not a superficial one, comprises of only change of faces, with same type of lobbies’ controlled politicians in place, on the major avenues of power, in United States.

This article is eleventh, in a series on the candidacy of Libertarian candidate for president of United Sates, in 2012 presidential elections, Gary Johnson. It evaluates, in depth, the culture of secrecy surrounding the big and tyrant governments. Discovers, how secrecy is always preceded by corruption and leads to even more corruption. Highlights the role of corporate media and the politicians, controlled by lobbies, in this destructive behavior. Finds, out, why both major political parties, Republican and Democratic, are totally hopeless, in this situation.

This article is sixth in a series analyzing the candidacy of Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for president, in 2012 U.S. presidential elections. Article provides a bird’s view on credibility and standards of credibility. Emphasizes that mainstream media and pimped politicians keep us busy in the war of words and effectively distract us from the real standards of credibility like deeds and record. In this environment, when we had been lied, time and again, on extremely serious issues, it makes absolutely no sense, to prefer words over deeds and record.

This article is the fourth in a series on the candidacy of Governor Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party Candidate for president of United States, in 2012 U.S. presidential elections. Brings into focus the issues of government regulations vs. free markets. Analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of big government. Sheds light on the ideas of war, and global influence and control vs. constitution and Bill of Rights. Finds out, if government is smarter or people and private enterprise. Answers the question, if we are better off, protected by government or free.

This article analyzes the current U.S. immigration policy, desperately needed reforms and recent changes in policy. Brings into focus, the currently, two most controversial groups of immigrants, Hispanics and Muslims. Sheds light on the history of immigration in our country. Finds out, how the economy of immigration works. Tries to answer the questions like, are immigrants like, Muslims and Hispanics, good or bad for country and economy? Are they costing us lots of money in welfare and war on terror or they are overall a benefit for us?

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