This article analyzes the vested interests of status quo in current economy and promising future of share economy, in the light of current government crack down on share entrepreneurs. Highlights the fact that it is creativity and innovation of entrepreneurs which has always changed world, not government regulations, and tax driven programs and policies. Provides a wide and deep perspective from American and World history.

This article analyzes the effects of taxation and big government on growth rates by comparing the first first half of American history with the second half. Provides, real world examples from real and proven history. Exposes the liberal gimmicks based on manipulations of number and data within a smartly selected period of time. Explains, why replacing one regulation with another, doesn’t work. Emphasizes that to prevent any further disaster, we need a radical change in our taxation policies and size of government.

This article analyzes the links between business, cost of production, consumer, prices, wages, unemployment and government regulations in the light of currently hot discussion on minimum wages, going on big media, political and government circles and in between economists. Provides the economic and political perspectives. Highlights the real issues and explains why those are being overlooked by big media and politicians.

This article analyzes the issues attached to international and regional trade agreements, in the light of proposed trans-Atlantic and trans-Pacific trade and investment agreements, being negotiated, recently. Provides a broader and deeper historical perspective. Discusses the Economics and finances of trade. Highlights its effects on job creation, quality of products and services, creativity, innovation, standards of living and prices.

This article analyzes the effects of restrictions and regulation imposed on the movement and mobility of individuals, goods and services. The most basic and common excuses given by governments, in the favor of these regulations are, protectionism and security. Highlights the fact that these regulations neither protect nor secure. These actually destroy the individual freedoms, economies, social fabric, peaceful societies, and ethics and morals.

This article analyzes the effects of market manipulations on economy and its growth. Provides a full blown historical perspective, in the light of current developments. Explains, what made us the greatest economic power, ever, and what is causing our decline. Highlights the fact that by steering away from the greatest constitution and the best charter of freedom, ever, we axed our own foot. As a result of that we are, now, losing our leadership position in the world.

This article analyzes the issues of socio-economic inequality, and proposed solutions. Brings into focus the question, is inequality bad or natural? Provides a historical perspective. Points out to the successes and failures various ideologies have encountered in past, recent and contemporary situations. Digs into the fact that the attempts to create an artificial equality, always lead to more taxation and bigger government.

This article analyzes the issues with open and free markets compared to the issues in regulated markets. Provides a historical perspective. Hand picks the policies of higher taxation and minimum wage. Discusses the pros and cons of different regulatory propositions. Evaluates the principles of competition, productivity, value, wealth generation, wage determination, and success and rewards. Shows, why economic and financial equality has always been impossible.

This article analyzes the theoretical basis for current government policies. Compares Keynesian theories with classical economics and Austrian school of thought. Provides historical background and progress on current policies. Highlights the perspective on basic economic terms like supply, demand, inflation, investment and money. Explores relationship between key economic factors, and growth and jobs. Defines the rules governing economy and financial markets. Explores links between money, politics and economic policies.

This article highlights the fact that current economic, financial, political, information and influence issues are far more complicated then the way they are presented and dubbed by popular media and some politicians, sold out to corporate lobbies. It emphasizes that the substance and real solutions are way more important then some popular slogans, now, then ever.

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