This article analyzes the root cause of rampant money, power and influence, and cronyism in our society. Challenges the commonly held and popular views. Provides feasible and common sense solutions. Explores the links between authority, secrecy and corruption. Points out to the nucleus of ever growing problems. Highlights the importance of self reliance, individual responsibility and constitutional rights, in the process of fixing these problems. Explains, why should we not have a big government.

This article analyzes the balance of power between the three branches of government and president’s insistence on uncontrolled and unchecked powers. Discusses the president’s ridiculous notion that anyone who disagrees with him is somehow stupid. Highlights the role of media, like Wikipedia, in placing a check on government corruption. Emphasizes the fact that people of this country own this country, not the government or their funding corporations. Acknowledges that Obama is turning out to be far more dumb then Bush.

This article analyzes, in detail, the democratic process of elections in United States. Brings forward the pros and cons of existing system. Discusses the ever increasing role and importance of money in elections. Evaluates the point that system and people involved in it are progressively getting corrupted. Shades the light on fact that the people with less money are being disenfranchised by the system. It is literally becoming impossible to run an election campaign unless you are rich or represent the interests of rich.

This article discusses the democratic principles and freedom of information in the light of recent protests in Malaysia, for fair elections. Deeply analyses Malaysian political and election processes and compares it with United States and other democratic countries. Digs out the inherent risks and hazards involved in restrictions on access to information. Uncover the causes of widespread, global corruption in governments and corporations. Identifies the democratic principles these restrictions deny and answers why?

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