This article analyzes the links between business, cost of production, consumer, prices, wages, unemployment and government regulations in the light of currently hot discussion on minimum wages, going on big media, political and government circles and in between economists. Provides the economic and political perspectives. Highlights the real issues and explains why those are being overlooked by big media and politicians.

This article compares the government based and free market based solutions for current environmental crisis. Explains that regulatory solutions are unnatural, sudden, expensive, hard to accommodate, and are based on trickle up economy, supported by rich and powerful lobbies in Washington. On the other hand, free market based solutions are natural, inexpensive, slow and adjustable with not cost to tax payers and no lobbying required.

This article analyzes the socio-economic cost of war on drugs. Highlights its impact on young individuals, and their education and careers. Brings into focus the broken and dysfunctional families, destroyed communities, adversely affected economies, corrupt government officials, law enforcement and judiciary. Explains, why war on drugs is helping related criminal enterprise to grow in size, wealth and power.

This article analyzes the effects of market manipulations on economy and its growth. Provides a full blown historical perspective, in the light of current developments. Explains, what made us the greatest economic power, ever, and what is causing our decline. Highlights the fact that by steering away from the greatest constitution and the best charter of freedom, ever, we axed our own foot. As a result of that we are, now, losing our leadership position in the world.

This article analyzes the devastation caused by useless and endless wars since 9/11, in the light of recent scandal surrounding Department of Veterans Affairs. Highlights the fact that there is a real human and financial collateral damage, and costs attached to all wars. Criticizes the big media reports and digs down the real causes and manifestations of problem. Emphasizes the fact that power is not the only requirement for war. It requires strategy, planning, smartness and intelligence, too.

This article analyzes and compares the different possible options in health care payment systems. Provides a historical review, and current stats, related to this burning issue. Brings into focus the cartel between health care establishment, health insurance companies and government. Explains, why ACA will be crushed under its own burden. Discusses the benefits of free market system and open competition, in health care payment systems.

This article analyzes the ever going U.S. wars and defense spending. Brings into focus the global scenario, economic and financial questions and concerns, rapidly growing size of government, its control, power and authority, Performs a rough cost and benefit analysis. Raises the question, do these wars really worth that much? Why would we allow them to tear down our very national, social, economic and financial fabric?

This article analyzes the recent immigration policy debate, arguments, background, facts, proposals and solutions. Provides it the economic, financial and national security perspective. Finds out, why immigration is so important for the integrity of our social fabric and stable future. Brings into focus the debate points from all involved parties. Compares current policies and legislative approaches with those of past. Uncovers the implications on past policies and projects the ones for future. Sheds light on specific solutions.

This article analyzes the distortion in free market, created by government picking up the winners and losers, mostly losers. Provides a very broad based and deep analysis of causes, methods and devastating effects on our everyday life, economy, financial status, business, jobs and fairness. Effectively shows, why market forces are far better then corrupt government officials and media, deciding our fate as individuals, and as a nation and country.

This article analyzes the Obama care, so called, Affordable Healthcare Act, in the light of the fact that it is actually making healthcare, even more unaffordable. Brings into focus the history and evolution of healthcare industry in United States and the roles played by by the key players in this game. Goes outside the box and paints a comprehensive picture of whole issue. Finds out the real causes and solutions.

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