This article analyzes the old controversy between love and hate, in the light of recent incidents in Middle East and Ferguson, Mo. Forces readers to think about and try to find a clear cut answer to some basic questions, at the bottom of such controversies. Help identify the skewed version of thought, talk and action, prevailing in human societies. Reveals the fact that major drivers of thought and action could be, and are misguiding.

This article analyzes the issue of Terrorism, in the light of current developments in Iraq. Provides a broader and deeper historical perspective. Explores the hideous relationship between organized religion and violence. Brings into focus the disasters of U.S. foreign policy. Answers the question, Is more U.S. involvement a solution to these problems. Emphasizes the fact that civil wars can never be settled by foreign powers.

This article analyzes the logic and consequences of U.S. foreign interventions, invasions and wars. Discusses the topic in a very wide context. Highlights the human and financial cost of these ventures. Finds out, if these have been beneficial even from political point of view. Provides a historical perspective. Points out to the facts on grounds and results outside the battlefields. Performs a cost and benefit analysis.

This article analyzes the links between violence, firearms and gun control. Breaks down the British statistics in historic perspective. Cites the example of Switzerland. Effectively shows that the firearm ownership has absolutely no link to the rate of violence in a society. It is more related to the other factors like cultural norms and social structures. Evaluates the other benefits of firearms ownership. For example, safety from foreign invasion, no need for standing army, freedom and happily party culture.

This article analyzes the violent crimes and right to bear arms, in the light of United States constitution and historical background. Explores, why this right was provided and why it is critically important to maintain it. Uncovers the potential dangers attached to the disarming of people. Tries to find out the intentions of government and other groups that want to take away this right. Provides authentic quotes from our forefathers and references from history and constitution itself. Emphasizes that constitution and history cannot be re-defined in accordance with the wishes of liberal groups.

This article analyzes the guns and gun violence, and related issues from constitutional, legal, ethical, human rights and safety and security standpoints. Performs an in-depth review of constitutional history, bill of rights and second amendment. Brings into focus the guns related studies. Compares the points of view of pro-guns and anti-guns lobbies and activists. Tries to find out the solutions to this log standing and highly controversial debate. Provides the background and detailed explanation of Bill of Rights and Second Amendment to United States Constitution.

This article analyzes the theoretical, philosophical and scientific bases for violent crimes. Focuses on the wave of global terrorism and rise in violent crimes. Tries to find the links between these crimes and various proposed and proven factors behind these crimes. Digs out the various probable and possible solutions. Explores the links between violent crimes and economic crisis, disparity and widespread corruption in global systems. Explains why really and factually equal opportunities and privileges are vital to the survival of nations, countries, civilizations, cultures and ideologies.

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