Social Security Insolvency, Reforms, Fraud, Privatization

This article analyzes the retirement options for Americans, in the light of rapidly ongoing, current depletion of funds in Social Security reserves. Explores causes and solutions to the problem. Brings into focus the inherent structural deficiencies in Social Security System. Compares it with other options like privatization. Criticizes the current policy of kicking empty can down the road, being practiced both major political parties and major media outlets.

U.S., Teachers, Security, Unions, Students, Future

This article analyzes the dilemma of continuously falling and pathetic standards in our public school systems. Covers all the aspects, important factors and popular arguments on rational bases. Compares public education system with privatized education system. Shows, how a privatized school system can automatically take care of all the grievances with current public school systems. Addresses the cost affordability issues, too.

U.S., Allies, Iran, Arms Race, Security

This article analyzes the reports that an alliance between Russia, China and Iran is in making. Discusses the argument being made by the people who want tougher sanctions or war against Iran. Evaluates the serious risks and benefits associated with an strike on Iran. Explores our options in this case. Proposes that the best policy is to stop interference in other country’s affairs. Otherwise, continued negotiations are the next best option.

Terror, Security, Money, Fear, Policy, Risk

This article analyzes that the enhanced security and wars related spending in United States, since 9/11, in the light of U.S. annual budget deficits and rapidly growing debt, to almost unbearable levels. Points out that we may be winning this war physically, but, terrorists have been successful in their scare tactics by putting us on the track of uncontrolled and unchecked spending on security and wars related expenses.