This article explores the real causes and solutions related to recent mass uprisings, especially in Middle East. Analyzes the post-uprising trends and current situation in those countries. Reveals the disturbing fact of those countries still being in the strong grip of status quo. Finds out the reasons for these regressive chain of events. Proposes the true, obvious and feasible solutions. Brings into focus the basic issues with thought process and societal structures.

This article analyzes the concepts free markets, entrepreneurship, cooperatives, employee ownership of business and Democracy. Highlights the similarities between master and slave relationship, and owner and employee relationship. Shows, why the business structures that would share profits with employees, will be far more efficient than the businesses with hired employees. In employee ownership of business, everyone who is working, is driven by most powerful market forces like profits, freedom and competition.

This article is thirteenth in a series, evaluating the candidacy of libertarian candidate for president, Gary Johnson, in 2012 U.S. presidential elections. Performs a very broad and deep analysis of markets, regulations, monopolies, lobbies and restrictions on free flow of capital. Analyzes the role of government and businesses in the growth and development of economy, jobs, markets, trade, and country, as a whole. Provides a review of American history and constitution. Highlights the rights of people and citizens.

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