This article analyzes the issues of socio-economic inequality, and proposed solutions. Brings into focus the question, is inequality bad or natural? Provides a historical perspective. Points out to the successes and failures various ideologies have encountered in past, recent and contemporary situations. Digs into the fact that the attempts to create an artificial equality, always lead to more taxation and bigger government.

This article analyzes the rampant corruption and cronyism going on in U.S. government, in the name of wars and green technology. Unveils the role of corporate lobbies and big media in this ongoing and worsening situation. Points out, why a government too big in size and authority is the biggest threat to the survival of any nation and country. Diggs out and suggests the possible solutions for this serious problem.

This article analyzes the balance of power between the three branches of government and president’s insistence on uncontrolled and unchecked powers. Discusses the president’s ridiculous notion that anyone who disagrees with him is somehow stupid. Highlights the role of media, like Wikipedia, in placing a check on government corruption. Emphasizes the fact that people of this country own this country, not the government or their funding corporations. Acknowledges that Obama is turning out to be far more dumb then Bush.

This article analyzes, in detail, the democratic process of elections in United States. Brings forward the pros and cons of existing system. Discusses the ever increasing role and importance of money in elections. Evaluates the point that system and people involved in it are progressively getting corrupted. Shades the light on fact that the people with less money are being disenfranchised by the system. It is literally becoming impossible to run an election campaign unless you are rich or represent the interests of rich.

This article analyzes the job growth and economy, in the light of current presidential election campaigns. Adds a historical perspective to recent decline in U.S. productivity. Discusses in detail, how big corporations are thwarting small businesses, start-ups and early stage businesses, by cutting off the financing and other critical resources,to these businesses.

This video is the fourth in a series on U.S. healthcare and immigration reforms, their need, urgency, roadblocks, cost and consequences. Provides a historical perspective to the issue and gives it a scholastic touch. Analyzes the positive and negative roles played by immigrants in United States.

This video is the second in a series on Healthcare and Immigration Reforms in United States, in the light of election campaigns for 2012 presidential elections. Performs a bipartisan analysis of needs for reforms, different proposals and solutions, and the healthcare reforms under Obama and Democratic government.

This video analyzes the Republican primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire, and discusses the possible outcomes in South Carolina, and Florida, as well. Brings into focus the possible implications of these results on general, congressional, Senate and House races, and presidential elections, this year.

This video is the second in series evaluating the nomination of presidential candidate in Republican party, and as a whole. Evaluates the current front runners like Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Discusses their chances against incumbent president and democratic party nominee Barack Obama.

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