This article analyzes crises in public education system and other public sectors, in the light of proven free market Capitalism principles of competition and choice. Highlights the fact that government monopoly on early education, just like other government monopolies, is at the heart of this issue. Shows, how people’s hard earned money is being dumped in big and inefficient government instead of being used for better purposes like education.

This article discusses the basic insurance model, and viability of Obama care based on that model. Shows, how Obama care insurance model is a clear cut deviation from historically proven model, and why it will not work. Analyzes the behaviors and attitudes of insurance buyers, especially the young ones. Finds out, why Obama care will have a seriously negative effect on already strained federal government budget.

This article analyzes the Obama care, so called, Affordable Healthcare Act, in the light of the fact that it is actually making healthcare, even more unaffordable. Brings into focus the history and evolution of healthcare industry in United States and the roles played by by the key players in this game. Goes outside the box and paints a comprehensive picture of whole issue. Finds out the real causes and solutions.

This article covers the heated discussion and topic of separation of public and private lives, in the light of Anthony Weiner case. Discusses the historical, ideological, ethical, political and religious background of this dispute. Evaluates the role of media in it. Analyzes and compares different points of view. Brings into focus the human nature and science.

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