This article analyzes the first amendment rights, especially in the light of abortion, freedom of speech and choice. Shows, how it applies on every day situations. Takes, in depth look on abortion related arguments. Enriches it with a very personal story. Performs a scientific review. Discusses the proven scientific facts of human Embryology, cellular and tissue biology. Brings into focus the related ethical and constitutional issues.

This article analyzes the falsely presumed presidential authority to issue executive orders, in the light of constitution and history. Points out that president of United States has no constitutional authority to amend constitution, with an executive order. This country belongs to “We the people” and the legislative authority lies totally in the hands of congress of United States of America., while only courts have the authority to interpret constitution. Sheds the light on fact that infringement on the right to bear arms, is just another step towards establishing full blown tyranny in this country.

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