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The tragedy of the September 11th attacks is something that will never truly dissipate, even through the relentless march of time and progress, and its effects are still felt on a significant level by the families of all involved. Subsequently, there are occasional instances or situations which prompt an emotional response from the survivors and the families of the dead, and stir painful memories of the loss they have endured. While these are regrettable, they remind a nation and a government the importance of handling any affairs affiliated with 911 with the care and attention they require.

A New Memorial for 911 Survivors

This week, as plans were announced to house the unidentified remains of those who died at ground zero in the lower level of a commemorative museum, protests erupted from afflicted family members and advocates who claimed they were not consulted by US authorities concerning the exact location of the repository. This is at odds with the assertions of the US government, who maintain that dialogue has been going with the respective families since 2006, and that the response they have received has largely been positive.

Put simply, protesters have claimed that such a decision can not be made without the express permission of each and every family member, regardless of whether a majority consensus feels that the plans are both wise and well considered. In addition, there are further concerns that the main entrance to the museum is the same one which will grant mourners access to the repository, although the designers have taken great care to assert that the two are entirely separate entities. Despite this, some of the families have already revealed their support for the plans, claiming them to be respectful and designed to be sensitive to mourners needs.

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