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This article analyzes the links between business, cost of production, consumer, prices, wages, unemployment and government regulations in the light of currently hot discussion on minimum wages, going on big media, political and government circles and in between economists. Provides the economic and political perspectives. Highlights the real issues and explains why those are being overlooked by big media and politicians.

This article analyzes the issue of minimum wage from business, economic, financial and social relationships point of view. Digs into the root causes of currently very hot discussion. Proposes that beating about the same bush will not solve the problems. All the currently proposed solutions are tried again and again, before. We are having this discussion again, because, issues are not resolved, at least in long run.

This article analyzes the issues with open and free markets compared to the issues in regulated markets. Provides a historical perspective. Hand picks the policies of higher taxation and minimum wage. Discusses the pros and cons of different regulatory propositions. Evaluates the principles of competition, productivity, value, wealth generation, wage determination, and success and rewards. Shows, why economic and financial equality has always been impossible.

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