This article analyzes the recent important political developments within East Asia, in the light of Chinese president Xi Jinping’s visit to South Korea. Highlights a great diplomatic opportunity for U.S. and it’s allies. Emphasizes the critical need for increased element of smart diplomacy in war driven U.S. foreign policy. Although, not free from dangers, a good diplomatic move from United States could be a decisive step in getting rid of dangerous but fragile North Korean regime.

This article analyzes the issues surrounding nuclear proliferation. Discusses the arguments of deterrence and national security. Criticizes the sense of entitlement and privileges of being big, powerful and rich. Emphasizes that the equality among nations and countries is key to resolution of issues. Points out to the fact that non-proliferation and disarmament are strictly tied together. Sheds light on fact that all involved parties must be treated with respect and dignity. Only possible ends to the problem are either everyone has nuclear weapons or no one, with of course first option being extremely disastrous.

This article provides the historical background for political war in Asia, which we are losing rapidly. Tells us, why our policies towards, North Korea, Iran and Pakistan are an utter and complete failure. Points out to the recent, important and dangerous developments in Asia. Emphasizes the need and reasons for drastic changes in our policies, specially in Asia. Sheds light on the false blame game being played in media, by our policy makers, in past and in present. Brings into focus, the links between changing global economy and finance, and flipping balance of power.

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