This article analyses the current economic and financial situation in United States under the light of experience during 1920 Depression. Performs a comparison of fiscal and monetary manipulation by government, at the expense of tax payers, to “fix the economy” versus Laissez-faire. Highlights the sharp contrast in policies and resultant recovery during 1920 and 1929 depressions. Discusses the underlying factors behind this huge difference.

This article analyzes the phones, cell phones, computers and voice mail, hacking scandal of News Of The World, a subsidiary of News International, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. News corporation owns many major news outlets in United States, too. These include, but not limited to, Fox News Channel, Wall Street Journal and New York Post. Rupert Murdoch’s, U.S. based, global media empire, is very well known for it’s sensationalism, conservatism, partial reporting, tabloids and yellow journalism.

This article analyzes the job growth and economy, in the light of current presidential election campaigns. Adds a historical perspective to recent decline in U.S. productivity. Discusses in detail, how big corporations are thwarting small businesses, start-ups and early stage businesses, by cutting off the financing and other critical resources,to these businesses.

This is the third in a series of articles on economic recessions and depression, their causes, consequences and fixes. This particular articles focuses on president Hoover’s volunteerism. Sounds like a great idea, but, seriously failed in practical world. Does it mean that government and private sector partnerships never work?

This article analyzes the importance and ever increasing value of background checks in contemporary businesses and relationships, in terms of hiring and building new relationships. Discusses the impact of crowded cities and fast pace on our daily lives. Highlights the possible personal and business consequences of hiring and building long term relationships without knowing the background of new people in your life or business.

This article analyzes the criminal background investigation and search providing websites and other online and offline services. We need to understand that the world is much smaller and crumbled, now. Contrary to old days, specially in big cities, everyone has to deal with strangers, almost everyday, for different personal and business related reasons.

This article provides a detailed and comprehensive advice regarding the lookup and retrieval of information, over the Internet, if the only important and reliable piece of information you have is a telephone number. The article analyzes the various options available, in terms of different websites providing different sets of services and information.

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