If the world is ever to exist in harmonious accord, then there are several qualities that individuals must adopt as part of their everyday conduct. Of these, tolerance is perhaps the most significant, as it is only through the acceptance of different lifestyle choices and cultures that we may all subsist within a single space or time. This theory applies to every diverse aspect of life and living, from religious beliefs and creed to the less fundamental aspects of sexual orientation and nurtured principles.

Gay Rights in the Military

In order to encourage tolerance amongst civilian sections of society, the leading institutions and organizations of a country must be required to lead by example, and promote the virtues of acceptance and understanding. To this end, any government or public sector organization and military faction must take great care to treat their representatives as equal individuals, and not discriminate against any specific race or lifestyle choice.

However, the military in the US has always had a chequered history when it comes to enforcing the principles of equality, especially with regards to their representatives sexuality and sexual preferences. Until recently, the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (DADT) legislation was prominent in the United States, and its essence prevented any military representative from disclosing their sexual orientation or displaying any overt inclination towards homosexual activity. In addition, it prevented any senior officers or contemporaries from making enquires as to a fellow soldiers sexuality.

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