Government, Authority, Corruption, Transparency, Freedom, China

This article analyzes the rampant corruption in governments, worldwide, in the light of 2014 Heritage Foundation’s report on economic freedom. Highlights the fact that U.S. is being ranked at number 12. Shows that this is a very strong sign of declining individual empowerment in United States. Effectively discusses the nature of direct relationship between authority and corruption. Explains, why freedom works better for everyone.

ISIS, War, Constitution, Authority, Executive, Congress

This article analyzes the distribution of power under constitution of United States of America. Shows, why is it critical for all citizens including government officials to abide by constitution and law under all circumstances. Provides a very wide based and deep historical perspective. Describes the potential cost and consequences of constitutional violations. Reminds the oath to protect, preserve and defend constitution.

Constitution, Executive Authority, Senate, House, Appointments

This article analyzes the constitutional check-n-balance between three branches of government, in the light of current Supreme Court unanimous decision over three NLRB recess appointments. Shows, why is it critically important to maintain this balance in order to guarantee fair use of authority, respect for democratic principles and well-being our nation and economy. Provides a historical perspective to this issue.

Presidency, Executive Branch, Constitutional Authority, Expectations

This article analyses the current state of affairs at the centers of power, in this nation. Shows, how it was intended to be in our constitution, and how is it now. Discusses reasons and factors behind the mess in our political system and mass media. Unwraps the mutually beneficial relationship between big media and two major political parties. Points out, why is it so hard to break the corporate control over these centers of power.

Constitution, Legislation, Executive Authority, Laws, Amendments

This article analyzes the issue of powers and limitations of executive and legislative branches of federal government, as outlined in constitution. Criticizes the executive orders, and president’s unconstitutional decisions to postpone or suspend the certain parts of a law, already passed by congress, and signed into law by president, as he has been doing with certain parts of Obama care. Emphasizes the fact that he can only execute the law in its entirety or get it repealed.

History, Anarchism, Liberty, Authority, Individual, Government

This article analyses the evolution of government and authority of men over men, in the light of history. Explains, why every single political system, to the date, has failed to end tyranny and maximize the individual liberty and freedom, as required by nature and condoned by reasons. Uncovers the causes of existence of a ruling class, and its ever increasing power, wealth and control. Brings into focus the inherently imperial nature of government, and how did it grow from a provider of safety and security for the people, into multi-billion and even multi-trillion dollar enterprises.

Liberty, Authority, Individual, Power, Anarchism, State

This article analyzes the concepts and reality of individual liberty and freedom, government, state and authority, and the inherent conflict between those. Applies an axe to the beliefs that government is for our own good or even a necessary evil. Provides the true meaning of freedom and points out to its roots and origins, since the origin of humanity. Introduces the logical reasoning, in favor of individual liberty and freedom, only limited by the respect for liberty and freedom of others. Uncovers the different aspects of governmental encroachments on individual liberty and freedom.

Individual, Society, State, Government, Authority, God

This article analyzes the origins, history, philosophies and ideologies, regarding the existence and the authority enjoyed by state and government. Compares and contrasts those with the liberty and freedom of individual. Finds out what is more important. Is it the government and state, or is it the liberty and freedom of individual? Reviews the major arguments, in the light of nature, reason and history.