This article analyzes the the cause and damages attached to terrorism and War on Terror. Provides a historic perspective. Performs a cause and effect analysis, and reviews the cost effectiveness of War on Terror. Sheds light on U.S. foreign policy and aftermath of post 9/11 wars. Article has special focus on Pakistan. Explores the role of Pakistan and the cost it is paying for being a U.S. ally in War on Terror.

This article analyzes the U.S. foreign policy debate, going on, as a result of 2012 presidential elections. Points out, how corporate media, both major political parties and their candidates are dodging the real issues, including foreign policy issues. Compares isolationism and interventionism. Sheds light on the mess created by highly interventionist U.S. foreign policies. Finds out the links between foreign policies, economics and finance. Tells us why our foreign policy should be a major concern for everyone of us.

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