This article, analyzes the role of corporate lobbies and big media, their money, power and influence, in country’s political and electoral process. Examines, how this dirty game is destroying our country, nation, its economy and finances. Warns readers and voters about the hazards associated with continuation of this process. Pin points, how this propaganda scheme works. Advises, how to tackle this situation and what needs to be, and must be done. Shows the ways to think outside the box and get rid pf the control of big media over voting decisions.

This article analyzes that the enhanced security and wars related spending in United States, since 9/11, in the light of U.S. annual budget deficits and rapidly growing debt, to almost unbearable levels. Points out that we may be winning this war physically, but, terrorists have been successful in their scare tactics by putting us on the track of uncontrolled and unchecked spending on security and wars related expenses.

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