This article analyzes the global hoax of warming. Performs, historical, archaeological, scientific and logical review of related issues. Compares and contrasts, all the point of views. Brings into focus the available data. Points out to the biases in skewed opinions. Debates the arguments in depth. Provides evidence from authentic references, in the light of other recent, popular examples. Reveals the fact that the most of the global warming literature is in sharp contrast with basic scientific principles.

This article analyzes the rampant corruption and cronyism going on in U.S. government, in the name of wars and green technology. Unveils the role of corporate lobbies and big media in this ongoing and worsening situation. Points out, why a government too big in size and authority is the biggest threat to the survival of any nation and country. Diggs out and suggests the possible solutions for this serious problem.

This article concludes our thirteen parts discussion on global recession, it’s causes, consequences and fixes. Focuses on what happened, what is happening and why, and how can it be fixed? Explores different available options and proposals, in depth. Shades light on why certain options are being preferred over the others. Discusses the influence of money, power, corporate owned big media and corporate lobbies on our politics, government, policy making and legislation. Draws out a workable plan for every American.

This article is heading our discussion on causes, consequences and fixes for global recession, towards conclusions. It summarizes the discussions in the previous eleven articles in this series. Makes conclusions on the evidence, facts and historical analysis presented in earlier articles. Provides a logical stream to overall discussion. Analyzes and compares the different approaches, points of view and proposals in this regard. Forwards definitive conclusion about what happened, why happened, what was done, what could have been done and what can be done?

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