To some, technological progression is integral to the development of society and the continued aspiration to improve our general standard of living. In conjunction with scientific evolution, advanced technology and its applications can create opportunities for great enhancement with regards to everyday existence, gradually helping to prolong life and improve its overall quality. Opinion varies still further with regards to how far technology may evolve in the future, especially as its pace of progress continues to intensify through the advancement of time.

However, there are others who would cite caution with regards to technological progress, especially due to our overwhelming reliance upon it and its increasing prominence in our everyday lives. Not only this, but there are additional concerns regarding each individual’s safety and vulnerability to the intricacies of online media, as every advancement in software and digital applications creates additional threats of identity theft. Technology has played a significant part in creating a whole new methodology of fraudulent theft and crime, offering perpetrators anonymity as they commit their offences.

A New Threat to Online Security

This week, the news broke that Google were finalizing an application that would allow face recognition from a simple photograph, and offer the facility for users to access the captured individuals personal information. The application is supposedly at an advanced and well developed stage, although a release date has not been announced as yet by the organization. While there are some existing development issues to resolve, there are further delays concerning the nature of how the application will work without compromising users safety or security.

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