The Divine Harmonic Pulsation of Matter | Shift Frequency

The Divine Harmonic Pulsation of Matter | Shift Frequency

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Peter Borys, jr. – In a fear-based consciousness, we have made a separation of physical matter and spirit. In this view, the physical frequencies are something less than the Divine essence. While this perception can maintain that the spirit is the energy of matter and is immanent within matter, it still does not see and feel matter as spirit and spirit as matter. In order to reconcile the false spirit/matter split, we must recognize that matter as we currently experience it is a distortion of the true reality of matter. The present physical consciousness that is the experience of limited matter is a distortion. Matter in its pure state is the same as Divine spirit. The physical is an organization of spirit emanating at various frequency levels. In a fear-based consciousness of conflict, control, and separation, what we experience through the narrow range of our physical senses and thinking mind is a false distortion of matter. With the distortion as a fundamental starting point

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