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Money is very powerful. Although, now, we have many multinational corporations, operating around the world, governments are becoming global conglomerates, too. They have devised and found very sneaky ways to rob tax payers and grow into enormous sizes. While corporations use creativity, innovation, competitive products and services, and advertising, marketing and promotional strategies, along with lobbying and bribing rich, powerful and influential governments, and the governments have no other ways except to rob the citizens for their ulterior motives. They use many ugly tactics to keep their citizens who in American constitution were supposed to be individual sovereigns, into the loop. These include but not limited to welfare, safety and security, fear mongering, and false alarms regarding made-up dangers like enemies, foreign and natural threats.

These are commonly used excuses to grow the size of government and rob tax payers. Starting from Teddy Roosevelt who declared a war on Capitalism, we see a continuous stream of propaganda about one threat after the other. Starting from our neighbors who were very first to become “a threat to us”, Fascism, Nazism, Socialism and Communism, and now Islam and Muslims, are enormous threats to our national security. Various rapidly growing minority groups are targeted one after the others, too, like Blacks, Jews, Italians, Japanese, Hispanics and Muslims.

There are many factors which determine the targets for these so called foreign threats and internal enemies. The number one is growing influence and number. Since 1940s, after World War II there has been very significant awakening in Muslim countries and Islam was frequently being cited as fastest growing religion in the world. Although, they got more divided, many new Muslim majority countries appeared on map, and they started infiltrating into Western societies. In spite of serious internal and external issues some Muslim majority countries like Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan showed remarkable growth and progress. Many others controlled very important natural resources like oil, gas and minerals. In the meantime, Soviet Union fell and many people in Western world started questioning the enormous spending on military industrial complex.

So, we needed a new enemy to justify the existence and continuation of this robbing of tax payers. Under the circumstances, what could be the better target than Muslims? So, why not make Muslims our next enemy? They meet all the major requirements for it. There are more than 1.5 billion of them around the world. So a war with them is going drag forever and will never end, providing a justification for ever growing military industrial complex.

Some factions of western populations are already getting annoyed and threatened with growing Muslim influence and population in West. Let us exploit that and create a permanent threat, providing an excuse to take away their rights and freedoms by laws and agencies like Patriot Act, NSA, Homeland Security, NDAA, financial regulations and indirect censorship on media by ever increasing perception of threat. This would also distract Americans, especially conservatives, from other more serious problems like government regulations destroying economy and infringing human rights, rising debt, increasing deficits, ever growing military industrial complex and militarization of police.

The problem was that we did not have any direct conflict with a major Muslim country. No problem. Our intelligence agencies have been organizing, funding, arming and training Muslim terrorist and extremist groups, and governments for a while, already. These included Hamas which was organized, armed, funded and trained by CIA to throw away Yasser Arafat, Muslim Brotherhood which was organized, armed, trained and funded by CIA to throw away Jamal Abdel Nasser in Egypt, Jamaat-e-Islami which was armed, funded, trained and organized by CIA to keep Pakistan unstable, Saudi Arabia, commonly counted as strong U.S. ally by media and politicians, a very big dividing force in Muslim world, Al-Qaeda, a conglomerate of extremist resistance groups organized, armed, funded and trained by CIA to fight Soviet Union in Afghanistan, and Taliban, another conglomerate of militia groups armed, trained, funded and organized by CIA to fight soviet Union in Afghanistan.

These groups came very handy in creating a new enemy and waging an unending war against a highly unspecified classification of Islamic terrorists. The story, widely publicized by corporate media and sold out politicians is that 19 people, mostly Arabs, hijacked four very large airliners with the help of box cutters and small knives, flew those planes in a manner which can easily beat the most qualified and trained military and civilian pilots, anywhere from the world and successfully ran three of those into very small targets, one of those being the world’s most protected building.

Really? You have to be completely out of your mind to believe this. Anyways, the media propaganda and the pressure exerted on the bases of national security threat, by politicians was so strong that most people believed on this James Bond movie plot. A very new, extremely dangerous enemy was successfully created and government had all the reasons, now, to keep growing the heavily lobbied and campaign financing military industrial complex, and start new wars.

Attack was launched on Afghanistan, and Iraq which literally had nothing to do with attacks, even if we go with official story. Government played on hysteria resulting from attacks and blamed Saddam for having and trying to make WMDs. This was found to be not true. As the clouds of media and political propaganda is withering away and people are embracing reality, the demand to re-investigate 9/11 is growing stronger, wider and deeper. I have absolutely no doubt that this will turn out to be the largest and deadliest internal job against American people after Pearl Harbor.

We lost the largest number of American lives in World War II on Pearl Harbor. Although, the declassified, World War II, government documents are now clearly showing that U.S. government was very well aware of imminent Japanese attack. But, they did not do anything to stop it. Reason was that they wanted to mold American public opinion in the favor of going to war and it worked. A 9/11 type of plan was presented to JFK, too. That was to justify attack on Cuba. He rejected plan and fired the proposer. President was assassinated, later on.

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