This article analyzes Capital Punishment, in the light of eighth and fourteenth amendments of Constitution of United States of America. Raises the question, how can death penalty be not cruel and unusual punishment, specifically prohibited by eighth amendment? Citations from constitution and dictionaries are provided, extensively. Makes it very easy to understand and appreciate the intent and meanings.

This article analyzes currently proposed immigration reforms, in the light of the concepts of limited government and economic growth. Shows, how immigrants push up the supply and demand curves, spur growth in business activity while creating new jobs in the process. Highlights the fact that immigrants are driving wages down only because they are illegal, and have to accept whatever is offered.

This article analyzes the effects of restrictions and regulation imposed on the movement and mobility of individuals, goods and services. The most basic and common excuses given by governments, in the favor of these regulations are, protectionism and security. Highlights the fact that these regulations neither protect nor secure. These actually destroy the individual freedoms, economies, social fabric, peaceful societies, and ethics and morals.

This article analyzes our conflicts with Muslim world, in the light of latest ISIS offenses in Iraq. Brings into perspective the whole cultural, historic and evolutionary cycle of monotheistic religions. Compares the history of islam with other major religions. Connects the broken links and discusses the policy options to fix the mess we got ourselves in. Highlights the concerns of Muslims, playing a big role in overall worsening of situation in Middle East.

This article analyzes the first amendment rights, especially in the light of abortion, freedom of speech and choice. Shows, how it applies on every day situations. Takes, in depth look on abortion related arguments. Enriches it with a very personal story. Performs a scientific review. Discusses the proven scientific facts of human Embryology, cellular and tissue biology. Brings into focus the related ethical and constitutional issues.

This article analyses the evolution of government and authority of men over men, in the light of history. Explains, why every single political system, to the date, has failed to end tyranny and maximize the individual liberty and freedom, as required by nature and condoned by reasons. Uncovers the causes of existence of a ruling class, and its ever increasing power, wealth and control. Brings into focus the inherently imperial nature of government, and how did it grow from a provider of safety and security for the people, into multi-billion and even multi-trillion dollar enterprises.

This article analyzes the concepts and reality of individual liberty and freedom, government, state and authority, and the inherent conflict between those. Applies an axe to the beliefs that government is for our own good or even a necessary evil. Provides the true meaning of freedom and points out to its roots and origins, since the origin of humanity. Introduces the logical reasoning, in favor of individual liberty and freedom, only limited by the respect for liberty and freedom of others. Uncovers the different aspects of governmental encroachments on individual liberty and freedom.

This article analyses the issues related to federal budgeting, deficits and debt. Diggs deep into the real causes and their perpetuation. Explores, how money, politics, corruption, dishonesty, human psychology and propaganda are involved. Finds out the real solutions. Stresses on the fact that a complete overhaul in political, financial and fiscal system is needed. Points out that it also requires a major change in the way we get information and use it to vote.

This article analyzes the issue of the legal recognition of gay marriages, civil rights and the constitutionality of bans. Provides a deep and extensive historical perspective to the issue. Sheds light on the evolution of sexual relationships. Highlights the money, power and influence related issues effecting gay rights, marriage and sexual activities. Offers a criticism of different leading arguments, being presented, in this nationwide debate. Brings into focus the human side of issue. Provokes the American values of equality of rights and protection for everyone.

This article is thirteenth in a series, evaluating the candidacy of libertarian candidate for president, Gary Johnson, in 2012 U.S. presidential elections. Performs a very broad and deep analysis of markets, regulations, monopolies, lobbies and restrictions on free flow of capital. Analyzes the role of government and businesses in the growth and development of economy, jobs, markets, trade, and country, as a whole. Provides a review of American history and constitution. Highlights the rights of people and citizens.

This article is twelfth in a series, analyzing the candidacy of libertarian candidate for president, Gary Johnson, in 2012 U.S. presidential elections. It compares, in detail and depth, the plans being proposed by Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, to cut the U.S. federal budget deficit and debt, with the ones, being proposed by Gary Johnson. Sheds light on candidates’ records. Explains, why we need a real change, not a superficial one, comprises of only change of faces, with same type of lobbies’ controlled politicians in place, on the major avenues of power, in United States.

This article performs an overall analysis of libertarian ideas, in the light of Libertarian candidate for president of United States, in 2012 presidential election, Gary Johnson’s candidacy. Compares it with other two, so called, mainstream ideas, being proposed by democratic Party Candidate and incumbent Barack Obama and Republican challenger, Mitt Romney. Shows that both Republican and Democratic party ideas are rhetoric of same old failed ideas, while Libertarian ideas are based on common sense and provide real solutions to real problems.

This article is the ninth, in a series, analyzing the candidacy of Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for president, in 2012 U.S. presidential elections. It provides a very broad and deep historical perspective to the evolution of money and trade, and government controls. Has a great criticism of monetary and fiscal policies. Effectively shows, how government regulations adversely effect the economy, in terms of devaluation of money, inflation, depressions, recessions and run-offs. Highlights the chain of events, in human history, leading to current dismal state of affairs.

This article is fifth in a series analyzing the candidacy of Gary Johnson, presidential nominee for Libertarian Party, in 2012 U.S. elections. This article challenges the laziness of American voters and motivates them to stand up, and courageously and devotedly fulfill their responsibilities as American citizens and voters. Emphasizes the fact that we just cannot getaway from our responsibilities, by saying that it is all politicians’ and media’s fault. It has a lot to do with the ways we act and vote. If we vote responsibly, after doing little research about candidates and do not rely too much on big media, we can have very different outcomes.

This article is the fourth in a series on the candidacy of Governor Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party Candidate for president of United States, in 2012 U.S. presidential elections. Brings into focus the issues of government regulations vs. free markets. Analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of big government. Sheds light on the ideas of war, and global influence and control vs. constitution and Bill of Rights. Finds out, if government is smarter or people and private enterprise. Answers the question, if we are better off, protected by government or free.

This article analyzes the controversy surrounding Affordable Healthcare Act and the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, regarding it. Deeply reviews the issues faced by U.S. healthcare system and their effects on budget, deficits and national debt. Compares current scenario with the time when the act will be in full effect. Contrasts U.S. health care system with the other developed countries, in terms of cost, waiting periods and over all healthcare status of population, in different developed countries. Brings into focus the ever growing industry of medical tourism in United States.

This is third article in a series, analyzing the candidacy of Ron Paul for 2012 presidential elections, in United States. Covers a wide range of issues and compares Ron Paul’s agenda with other major candidates, in the race. Discusses Ron Paul;s stand on Federal Reserve, taxes, wars, immigration and drugs. Brings into focus the constitutionality of various laws, and government departments and agencies. Points out, how Ron Paul hits right at the bases of major issues and causes, of our current problems and crises.

This article analyzes the current elections process and political system in United States. Finds out, how much our system satisfy the requirements and demands of the golden principles like, government of the people, by the people and for the people and one person, one vote. Explores the need for reforms and offers sweeping reforms in our political system to tackle the problems of true representation, corruption, abuse of power, direct and indirect bribery and violations of constitution. Emphasizes on the need for an organized struggle and effort in this regard.

This article analyzes Rep. Ron Paul’s candidacy for the president of United States in 2012. Brings into focus the constitutionality and common sense in Ron Paul’s agenda. Compares it with Mitt Romney and Obama. Finds out if it fits our current needs and can solve the major problems like national dent and budget deficits. Identifies the real causes of our deficits and finds out if Ron Paul has a solution for the factors causing so much debt to this world’s largest economy. Shades light on Ron Paul’s track record to see if he can be trusted on these issues.

This article concludes our discussion on the candidacy of Barack Obama, incumbent and Democratic party candidate for 2012 presidential elections. Analyzes the concepts and conflicting views of fairness. Evaluates U.S. taxation system. Brings into focus the causes and fixes of current crisis. Provides common sense reasoning to the argument. Appeals to everyday individuals, couple, households and families. Finds out why the current Tax code is fair or not? Concludes who should pay what and how much?

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