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There is a lot of controversy regarding the origins and history of Sphinx. Mainstream Egyptologists maintain the view that it was built by Egyptian Pharaohs. Further research has revealed the facts which tell a completely different story. Sphinx has very extensive rain marks in a desert where there has been no significant rain for at least ten to twelve thousand years. If you take back its construction date to ten thousand B.C., it is directly looking to the constellation of Leo. Ancient records also show that it was repaired during the Pharaonic times which nullifies the claim of its construction in their period.

There are extensive records of crossbreeds in ancient times. In Hindu mythology, there are crossbreeds of humans with animals like monkeys and elephants. Crossbreeds of humans with bulls and eagles are mentioned in Sumerian and Babylonian records. Serpentine and reptilian gods are mentioned in Chinese and Native American records, as well. Sphinx is the depiction of a feline god. There is evidence that crossbreeding with birds happened, too.

The so-called gods, Anunnaki themselves had crossbreeding with humans. The bible has mentioned, “when sons of gods came unto the daughters of men”. The result were giants. They were not as big as Anunnaki, but, were significantly taller and bigger than humans. They were also considered as demigods. From gods, the kingship was passed on to them.

The Anunnaki law did not allow the beings from their race to mate with humans. So, their mating with humans was the violation of their laws. This made the god (Anu) very mad and the beings who did mate with human females were thrown down from their status of the god. They were termed as fallen angles. Whoever among humans survived the wrath (flood and atomic bombs) of YHWH (Enlil), was able to do so because of the help and support from these fallen angels who considered humans as their family because they had kids with human wives. They are still considered evil in the texts of monotheistic religions which are the inventions of Jehovah or YHWH (Enlil).

Fallen angels were never forgiven for their sins like providing guiding light (knowledge) to humans and helping them to survive the gods intent to make humankind extinct. This is because the gods originally created man as a primitive slave worker (Lulu). Our only purpose was to obey orders and gold mining for gods. God (Enlil) was furious when he found out that humans were able to retain certain capabilities of gods like extra-dimensional existence, very high intelligence and very long life. Most of the DNA and brain was later de-activated to limit our capabilities to three-dimensional perception, to make it difficult to acquire spiritual knowledge and to limit our lifespan to 120 years. What they could not stop was the gradual re-gaining of these capabilities over few hundred thousand years.

Anunnaki were master geneticists. They did a wide and extensive variety of genetic experiments on Earth. Their goal was to create the best possible slaves. Their experiments were not limited to humanoids on Earth. They created many different hybrids on different parts of Earth. No hybrid was more successful than humans and most of the others were not even able to survive. To their disappointment, humans turned out to be far more successful and capable than they were originally intended to be.

Contrary to what organized religions teach us the God or gods in their texts are not really God or gods and contrary to what governments teach us, there is no right to rule vested in one person or group of persons by the real creator God. Extra-terrestrial beings, Anunnaki who came to Earth from heaven to mine Gold for the sake of repairing environment on their home planet, Nibiru, created a slave race (Lulu), now called Homo sapiens or humans. When the new race turned out to be more intelligent than they expected, Anunnaki was forced to design a control system. So, they presented themselves as gods and humans were supposed to worship and obey their masters. Humans obeyed their gods for a while. But, soon, they started asking questions like why these beings from another planet were bossing around them. Hence, humans started revolting. To tackle this situation, first, they tried to let humans go extinct with the help of a flood which most probably happened due to natural causes. Well, that did not work out because some fatherly figure Anunnaki helped us to get through that disaster. Now when direct rule over humans did not look to be feasible and they survived the cataclysm, gods came up with the idea of passing on kingship or divine right to some royal bloodlines who were the crossbreeds of Anunnaki. The idea was that the people with royal blood are better capable of running our affairs and for that purpose, we should pay them some booty (tax). Guess what, the divine right or kingship turn out to be yet another disaster and humans revolted, again. What should they do now? So, they re-named and re-branded the same old package again. This time it had beautiful names like Democracy or Republic. The whole idea behind these old ideas in new packaging was to spread out the divine right from one person (king) to a group of people (representatives). The truth is that these new brands suck just as much as the old ones. The divine right to rule still exists with names like, “majority rule” and “supremacy of law”.
The fact of the matter is that there is no “majority rule” and there is no “supremacy of law” in a real sense if we are talking about the natural law which we should be talking about. As the Princeton study concluded, there is no Democracy and there is no republic. It all has come down to oligarchy, the rule of few or in a more proper terminology, Fascism (Collusion between corporations and government). All that matters now is who is getting the most of the favor from rich and powerful lobbies and corporate media.
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