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One of the greatest contributions of Albert Einstein is to prove spacetime as one fabric. He showed that the linear time, as we know and perceive, does not exist in reality. Just like everything else the perception of time is relative and depends on the frame of reference. Faster an object is moving, slower is the movement of time in relation to it. This is called time dilation. Time will stop if an object is moving with the speed of light, a constant, and an object moving faster than the speed of light will start traveling into the past.

Although now stands as challenged, Einstein also described the mechanism of gravity for the first time. He rejected Newton’s idea that gravity is a force of attraction between two objects. He explained space as an independent existence and showed that space does not mean “nothingness”. Space is a fabric which covers everything in this universe. A mass distorts the spacetime fabric which causes the two or more objects being pushed towards each other. The gravitational force of large body masses like stars exerts observable effects even on waveforms like the light.

Many of the concepts presented by Einstein were brought into question and even proven wrong during his lifetime, though. The biggest blow to his theories of relativity was Quantum mechanics. While Einsteins theories are proven time and again on a macro scale, the micro-universe at quantum scale does not follow any of those principles. All the principles of relativity in his theories are based on the assumption that speed of light is constant under all circumstances and it is the fastest possible speed in our universe. That is why our perception of linear time is completely dependent on our speed relative to the velocity of light. Quantum mechanics provided one of its blows to relativity by proving certain instantaneous phenomena independent of the speed of light and faster than the speed of light.

Communication is the transmission of a message from one object to the other. It is a cause which produces an effect on the subject. Traditionally, it moves through a medium with a certain speed from object to the subject. Due to this reason, a message always takes some time however in micro or nanoseconds it may be, to get to the subject from the object of communication. In this scenario, communication is a time and distance-dependent phenomenon. At the quantum level, the communication violates these principles and is repeatedly and conclusively shown to be instantaneous between entangled particles.

Instantaneous communication happens when two particles get entangled and the communication between those is completely independent of time and distance. Instantaneous essentially means faster than the speed of light since light takes certain specific time to travel a specific distance and its movement through spacetime is never instantaneous. Instantaneous also means that it is independent of the speed of light hence independent of spacetime which essentially is the passage of time in this three-dimensional space. This implies that the instantaneous communication between entangled particles takes place outside the four-dimensional spacetime. This is not possible until and unless this communication is happening in a hyperdimensional space, not perceivable by a human brain. In other words, the entangled particles remain connected to each other via other imperceivable dimensions, independent of and outside our perception of spacetime.

Speed is perceived in relation to distance traveled. More specifically it is the distance traveled in three-dimensional space per unit time. In order for instantaneous communication to happen, other dimensions in hyperdimensional space must bypass the three-dimensional spacetime continuum. This is most probably the reason why we cannot perceive those extra dimensions and this is the reason why spacetime virtually does not exist in extra dimensions. Time is a construct of our brain in theory of relativity even at the macro level. Breaking the speed of light barrier independent of the distance between the entangled particles completely defies all laws of Physics including relativity.

Hinduism called universe “Maya” or illusion. Now, we know by all scientific means that 99.9999% of this universe is space. 0.0001% that appears as matter does not exist when we are not looking at it. It is our act of observation which collapses the wavefunction and brings particles or matter into existence. In this sense, we are the gods. Spiritual traditions are saying for thousands of years that we all have the spirit of God and it has an unlimited power of creation. Theory of relativity already showed the perception of spacetime and division of time into past, present and future are the constructs of our brain. The only thing that exists is now and it encompasses all the past, present, and future. Now, quantum entanglement and instantaneous communication between entangled particles are proving that hyperdimensional space is completely independent of our four-dimensional perception of spacetime and it connects and effects the objects and behaviors even within our perception. To be specific, Quantum mechanics has proven the existence of other dimensions that exist above and beyond our perception and their effects on our perception. Another scientifically proven fact is that the reality is not as we perceive it. What we perceive is the construct of our brains which may give us some clue regarding the reality. Notions like, “I believe what I see” are proven completely idiotic by Quantum Mechanics. Existence beyond our perception is not only proven, it is shown beyond any doubt, what we perceive is less than a significant proportion of reality. What we perceive may not exist at all and could very well be a complete and utter illusion.
So, are we eternally trapped in this illusion? Is there no way out? Can we ever perceive true reality? In spite of tremendous advancements in science and technology modern science still has no answers. Even if science and technology have some potential to provide us this capability in a distant future, the chances of this happening in our lifetimes are to the best meager. Does this mean, none of us will ever perceive the true reality in our lifetimes? Do we all just have to wait for death, so that we may perceive true reality in next life? Or we must resort the solution long despised the material science, spirituality?
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