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Life, as we know it, comes into existence with a double helix-shaped molecule called DNA. There is no known life form without DNA and all known life forms have DNA. Evidently, we know a lot more about DNA now compared to what we knew just about hundred years ago. Spiritual sciences and medical sciences have different interpretations about the role of DNA in our lives. Physiologically speaking DNA performs the function of coding for different proteins which in turn play different anatomical, physiological and pathological roles in our lives. What we inherit in the form of DNA depends on the contributions from our parents.

Human DNA, just like in any other known life form, is unique for our species and it is considered the most advanced known form of DNA. Ninety percent of our DNA was initially labeled as the junk DNA in earlier medical genetic studies because it was shown to be inactive with regard to its only presumed function, coding of proteins. Since then many other types and functions of DNA are discovered including the ones that form regulatory genes. These genes regulate the respective clusters of genes. Latest theory in genetics postulates that genes are arranged in a hierarchical fashion with higher regulatory genes regulating the clusters of lower, regulated genes. Genes are also regulated by different neurological, hormonal and physiological signals coming from other cells, tissues, organs of the body and external environment. For example, when a person eats, the neurological, hormonal and physiological signals transmitted from Gastro-intestinal tract stimulate and enhance genes that are involved in the production of proteins required in digestion, transport, absorption, conversion and energy production mechanisms related to eating.

The human brain is the most complicated known existence. It regulates all the body functions. These controls are divided into the voluntary and involuntary functions. The somatic system of the brain controls voluntary actions of a person and is comprised of sensory and motor components. The autonomic nervous system which is divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic systems controls involuntary functions of our body. The brain is a pattern recognizing machine which memorizes various patterns and reacts to the feedback stimuli from internal and external environments via sensory and autonomic input. The brain is primarily an antenna to mind and consciousness.

Microevolution, species modifying themselves a little bit to adjust better in the surrounding environment, perhaps happens. Macroevolution one species giving rise to another species is impossible. We have never found a species currently in transition from one species to another. Keeping in mind that there are millions of plant, animals and microorganism species on this planet, macroevolution appears to be only a theoretical marvel. Rather, we find species going into extinction, all the time which are also the proofs of their failure to transform into a better-adopted species. Life was seeded here, at different times, by different methods, from different sources.

Creation theory is simply ridiculous because all the scientific evidence points out that universe is about 14 billion years old and earth is about 4.5 billion years old. Creation theory is all about cherry picking and the assumption that the religious texts are holy, divine and authentic while there is absolutely no proof that these texts are divine, holy and authentic. The universe is expanding and there is very credible evidence that it is doing so for about fourteen billion years. Fossils are quite accurately dated as far back as about three billion years and human fossils are dated as far back as two hundred to two hundred fifty thousand years. In addition, we do not have any significant evidence of interference, as well. Why would the prime creator have interest in things like who are you sleeping with, for example?

Now, there is very credible evidence that humans are hybrids. A very large number of hybrids are depicted in Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Indian ancient records. These drawings show that ancient alien gods were running lots of genetic experiments here on Earth. Survival of humans as the only hybrid species also shows that we are the only successful experiment. Others might have been the experiments gone wrong only. They were trying to create something like humans, but, end up creating other unintended hybrids.

The latest genetic analysis shows that a significant part of our DNA does not seem to have any link to evolution on Earth. Also, the closest surviving species, chimpanzees, could not have evolved, the most complicated known part of an existing and surviving organ, Frontal Lobe. Our bones, muscles, face, neck, eyes, and vision are very different from the other so-called humanoids. We absolutely do not fit in that pack, except for the bipedal walking. Rh negative blood in us is not found in any other species on this planet. Various racial features among different human races do not seem to be the evolutionary adjustments to the climate, as claimed by many evolutionary scientists, earlier.
Even after 200,000 – 250,000 thousand years, the sense of strangeness and alienation has not fully disappeared from humans. We are eternally focused on heavens and our spiritual connections are wildly out of this world. Many entheogens like Ayahuasca also provide clues that life on this planet including us is alien and was seeded from other extra-terrestrial sources. If we did not fly to Earth, even then we must have been seeded or engineered right here or somewhere else. No species on Earth has the capabilities that might even come close to ours.
The answers to these eternal questions and confusions are found in Sumerian clay tablets which are estimated to be numbered anywhere between 500,000 to 1,000,000. The difficulty in achieving the exact count arises from the fact that those are dispersed and stored in many different parts of the planet Earth. Sumerian tablets are the only class one data available to us, regarding the ancient history of our planet. All the religious texts and books can hardly be classified as the class three data. These original accounts from ancient times clearly tell us that we were genetically engineered by an extraterrestrial race.
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