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There are lots of weird, mysterious and scary things attached to wars. After all these are wars, the enormous instruments of destruction in which common people are sacrificed to serve the special interest. These are also the best away for people in authority and governments to infringe on basic human rights. Often used to distract people from more important and serious issues. Wars are an excuse to build and use weapons of mass destruction and killing. During World War 1 there was a global surge, especially in warring countries, to build and use chemical and biological weapons. Highly destructive and cruel gasses, and killing biological weapons were built and used on both sides of warring machines.

It is most probably not just a coincidence that there was a global outbreak of so called “Spanish Influenza” right after the World War 1 in 1918. The weirdest things about that influenza are:

1. Its documented signs and symptoms do not fit the signs and symptoms of influenza. The photographs of the lungs of deceased are a proof of this very obvious disparity.

2. It formed a “W” shaped curved instead of a regular “U” shaped influenza curve. “W” shaped curved is more like the war curve. The difference is that influenza affects more vulnerable population that is youngest and oldest, forming a “U” shaped curve while War mostly kills young adults forming a “W” shaped curve. The “W” shaped curve seen in 1918 Influenza depicts more of a war effort than an Influenza epidemic.

3. Censorship was in place and media was not that advanced. So, the concerns about that being something other than Influenza were easily and forcefully suppressed. Unbelievably, even today the so called experts, researchers and doctors who mostly belong to government financed institution like Universities and research institutes say that it was very atypical of Influenza. But, none of these idiots have the courage to say that it was not Influenza.

4. New research shows that contrary to commonly advertised notion, Spanish Influenza has nothing to do with “Spanish”. First cases were reported in Kansas near a military research facility.

5. It infected 500 million people and killed 50-100 million people which makes three to five percent of world population at the time. Compare it to 37 million casualties in World War 1. Out these 16 million died and 20 million wounded. So, the number of people killed by this pandemic was 3-7 times more than the World war itself.
6. Due to rapid and uncontrollable movement of troops in war and most resources directed to war, this turned out to be far more fatal than it would have been otherwise.
Due to the enormously disastrous consequences from this pandemic, it was impossible for any government to accept responsibility. Rather than that there was a huge cover up. Enormous government spending and expansion coupled with high levels of debt financing and pandemic of so called “Spanish Influenza” there was seven month recession in 1918 and due to entry of large number of military service men into private labor force, there was a depression in 1920. So, we often see that economic and financial issues make governments to go to war which just makes it worse.
It has always been extremely incomprehensible for me, why people do not understand and appreciate following facts from human history:
1. Large number of people killed in wars are average Joes.
2. People who lose jobs in resultant recessions and depressions are average Joes.
3. The money spent on wars is tax payers’ money.
4. The debt incurred in wars is a national debt and every citizen participates in facing consequences and pay-offs.
5. Devalued money and inflation caused by debt financing in wars mostly affects average Joes.
6. Only people who gain from wars are special interest like big corporations, banks and defense contractors.
You may wonder than why people get so blown away by religious and national stupidities that they do not care about any of these and favor the war? I mean, we see this happening all the time somewhere in the world and people still do not wake up. This is a simple fact. Whatever you think, whatever you believe, war is not good for anyone including yourself. It only causes disaster and loss of life. The long term economic and financial implications of wars are even worse. In addition to this, nations do not easily forget the losses from wars. The hateful stories run generation to generation and result into a perpetual cycle of hate and wars.
People think if we win the war, we are winners. We will be glorious for the rest of world’s existence. Not true. History has seen numerous winners and losers in wars. None of those was glorified forever and almost none of those has been a loser forever. Only difference it makes is that both sides keep facing the agony of conflict and wars.
The people who keep losing everything due to these conflicts are average Joes like you and me. We are the ones who face the job losses, suffering and broken families, starvation and hunger, higher prices, reduced standards of living and devalued money. We work so hard to build something. To have a stable and good life. To have a happy and satisfied family. After that we lose everything because f*cking media and politicians make us think that war is absolutely essential for our survival. We are not the one who are going for war. It’s our enemy which is pushing us into it. Ironically, in every case, we always find both sides claiming that.
So, what is the solution? The solution starts from each one of us. First of all, we must keep ourselves well informed. Ignorance is the single most important factor elites always take advantage of. “You don’t know, we know better”, is always the notion. “Trust us” is always the demand from the most untrustworthy. Now, if we are not confident about our level of information and knowledge, than we are destined to follow the crowd. If our only source of information is corporate owned big media and TV than of course we are doomed. Everything that denies the official theory is not conspiracy and everyone who revolts against government is not a terrorist. If that is true than George Washington was the biggest terrorist.
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