Enki, Thoth, Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad

Enki, Thoth, Quetzalcoatl, Buddha, Jesus, Mohammad

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Enki is the firstborn son, born to the king of Nibiru, Anu. He was sent on a mission to Earth. The mission was to mine gold from Earth which was needed on Nibiru to repair their atmosphere, destroyed by atomic warfare. He was the leader of a group of about fifty “heroes” from Nibiru. The leadership position was later taken over by his half-brother Enlil, after his arrival on Earth. In spite of the being the oldest son, Enki could not retain the position of commander-in-chief, due to the complex rules of heritage on Nibiru, depending upon the social status of the mother. Enki was the God of waters. He was the master geneticist who with the help of his half-sister Ninmah, and Ninhursag, and son Ninshizida, created and engineered humans as the hybrids of Anunnaki, a term used for gods from Nibiru, and a humanoid species, native to Earth about 200-250 thousand years back.

Thoth is the god of wisdom. He ruled over Atlantis. He has left behind the legendary Emerald tablets which are made up of literally indestructible material, by any means of destruction known to men and have shown absolutely no signs of decay after being buried underground for thousands of years. On these tablets engraved is the message of eternal truth and guidance. These tablets also reveal the secrets of the cosmos. He tells us that we are the eternal beings of light who use physical bodies to interact with spacetime on Earth.

Quetzalcoatl was the God of knowledge and wisdom, and Native American name for Thoth. After the destruction of Atlantis, he founded the Egyptian civilization and built the great pyramid. When his brother Murdock returned from mars after the destruction of Mars due to a cataclysmic event, he left Egypt for Americas to avoid the worsening of an ongoing conflict with his brother. Quetzalcoatl arrived and lived in what is now Mexico. He is a pre-Olmec, pre-historic character. In accordance with historical accounts, he lived in Americas for a short period of time when he was forced to leave Earth by a ‘dark God’, most probably an Olmec demigod since famous Olmec heads have African features and dark color. He promised to come back. He flew away to space on a “boat of fiery dragons”. It is incredible that he taught local people the civilization, agriculture, art and megalithic construction within his short stay. The megalithic structures he has left behind are huge and fine work of precision including the largest pyramid on Earth which is about four times the pyramid of Giza.

Buddha was a prince. He got sick and tired of materialism and brutality prevailing in his family. He decided to leave the palace where his wife and kid lived, among others, to seek the truth. He wandered deep into the forest, sat down under a tree and started his 49 days long fast. He finally received Nirvana and the ultimate truth was revealed to him. He started preaching a set of moral and ethical principles now called Buddhism. The central idea of his teaching is that our higher, conscious and information based existence, suffers in this physical body for the entire incarnation period.

Christ was born to a virgin mother Maryam (Mary). Later in life, he claimed to be the Christ and started preaching reformative ideas in Palestine which was predominantly Jewish. He showed many miracles which include treating sick, resurrecting dead and turning water into wine. He was one of the most spiritual human beings earth has ever hosted. He was killed by crucifixion and resurrected on the third day. Roman Catholic church, later on, declared him as a part of the holy trinity and the son of God. he was most probably the son of god, Enlil.

Mohammad was born into a leading family of Mecca, Banu-Hashim. His father died six months before his birth. His paternal uncle Abu-Talib took care of him most of his young life. At the age forty, while meditating in cave Hira, he experienced the first revelation from God, named Allah. He was taken to heavens for a meeting with Allah, on a “flying horse which moved with speed of light and froze the time”. His major contributions are mandating the rights of female descendants in family heritage, equal opportunities for all regardless of race, ethnicity and social status, among others, establishment of women’s right to end marriage (Khula), extreme discouragement of slavery, mandating good treatment with slaves and freeing slaves making a pious act, legalizing muta (outside the marriage consensual sex between male and female), and establishment of women’s right to testify in court of law.

The history of the world is filled with good leaders who in their own ways tried to fix the world and changed it a lot. You may or may not agree, partially or fully, with them, but, the most common factor among all of these reformers is that they were the ascended masters. Many of their teachings may sound brutal and violent, now, but, if you compare their teaching with what was prevalent at the time, you find out that they mostly made earth a better place to live. The problem with political and religious ideologies is that all of these ultimately become divisive, hateful and violent tools. “You and us” become the most prevailing thought and for the leaders, these become just another business. History witnesses to the need that we need a way of thinking and living with no leaders and no authority. It is ultimately the vested interests in money, wealth, power and control that destroy everything.
Every political structure and every form of government we have tried, so far, ultimately leads to tule of 2% elite. It is about time to completely get rid of politics and build a system based on free-market capitalism and individual freedom which guarantees the sovereignty of individuals and best products at the lowest possible price. This system is named as Anarcho-Capitalism. Authority over others is a premise that gods created to keep us under control and we definitely do not need it.
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