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The universe is 13.7 billion years old. It has been expanding at an increasing speed since it came into existence. It has billions of galaxies and trillions of stars. It is now accepted that most stars have planets and many planets have moons. It has lots and lots of asteroid which might be the part of a solar system or just be wandering around. Still, all this identified matter is only 5% of the universe. Rest is dark energy and dark matter which hold it together.

Knowledge is acquired via five senses and intuition. The brain uses this knowledge to identify the patterns. Most actions performed by the brain are based on its understanding of these patterns. Method of understanding these patterns could be highly illusive and limited and can be easily manipulated. This mechanism of pattern recognition is often abusively used and manipulated by government and organized religion control mechanisms. This is where broad deep and vision and intuition becomes very important.

Humanity is being continuously and vigorously manipulated by gods since its birth 200.000 to 250,000 years back. Their control and domination cycles are regulated by solar and celestial objects and clusters. Who has the authority over whom is based on astrological signs? Very few people nowadays have the actual knowledge of Astrology, but it is a very powerful and valid method of determining where are you being placed right now and what can you expect. Actual Astrology is not about your love life or about money making opportunities. It tells you how much of the influence of your life is coming from which specific god or group of gods.

Modern “theory” of evolution makes us think that ancient means backward and less developed and evolved. Thousands of megaliths around the world tell us a very different story though. Older the megalith is, the bigger and better it would be. Those are a clue that very advanced societies prevailed on Earth in the ancient times. Sumerian, Indian, Native American, Chinese, Egyptian and Babylonian original records tell us that those were built by gods who came from heaven to Earth. Due to the catastrophic, natural and artificial, events and development and evolution of humans those gods now hide behind the closed doors and running governments and organized religions as part of their control agenda.

Extra-terrestrial races built huge civilizations and cultures. These cultures lead to the traditions and many of those still exist to the date. These traditions act as internal control mechanisms and convert all of us into internal police. Traditions keep us in the loop and the centripetal force to keep us in originates, from within us. Traditions convert us into the protectors and advocates of our own servitude. How much more efficient, advanced and intelligent a control mechanism could be?

As humanity advanced and evolved we realized that beings claiming to be our gods are not really gods. They are mortal, made of flesh and bones and eat, procreate and fight just like us. This leads us to a lot of confusion. Is there a God? Who, where, what, how is he? If there is a God then what is the position of gods in the universe? When the telescope was invented, people, especially in scholastic and scientific circles, got the hope that it may be of great help in finding the truth.

Telescope and future advancements in this technology answered many questions. It was found that Earth is not flat and it is not the center of the universe. New planets, stars, moons, galaxies, black holes, and supernovas were discovered. Vastness and continuous expansion of the universe were explored. The possibility of lots of life in the universe was postulated. Scientific theories about the origin of the universe like Big Bang theory, though very hypothetical, were made possible. Ironically but obviously, telescope became a huge troublemaker for the control agenda, very quickly. To the surprise of many, it conclusively denied many myths in organized religion texts and categorically confirmed many facts mentioned in esoteric, so-called Pagan and ancient clay tablets and seals. Telescope, single-handedly, was on its way to demolish the whole state and organized religion empire. My goodness, how could that be happening? This was the point where corrupt politicians, sold out priests, corporate media, and public education came very handy. Ancient knowledge which was previously considered a complete and utter myth, under the pressure of new and undeniable discoveries, soon started getting classified into the myths and facts. The new notion was, yeah, perhaps some of it is true but the rest is a myth. So, whatever would fit the current paradigm was categorized as facts and the rest that didn’t fit the control agenda is getting classified as myth. Does not matter how extremely ridiculous it may sound, this is the current mainstream view accepted by most organized religions, governments, corporate media and public education systems. This is what they are telling us and this is what they are teaching our future generations.
I mean, how those very advanced civilizations that discovered all these scientifically proven facts thousands of years back, would spill out so much myth as historical and cosmological facts? How can they be extremely smart and ridiculously stupid at the same? Either all of that is a myth, as was believed earlier, or all of that is authentic knowledge. You cannot have it both ways. So, they were absolutely right when they say that we live in a heliocentric planetary system when they say that Earth is the seventh planet counting from outside of the solar system, and teach us beer recipes, agriculture, domestication of animals, building megaliths? But they suddenly become liars and myth writers when they say that all that was taught and built by gods who came from heavens to Earth? Come on, who are they kidding? It is now clear more than ever that this whole system based on governments, organized religions, corporate media and public education is nothing but a control agenda put in place by extra-terrestrial gods who are controlling and manipulating us for thousands of years now. Our so-called leaders, priests, journalists, and teachers are their pawns or slave drivers.
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Born in 1964, business owner, from Woodbridge, VA, owns ExcitingAds! Inc. ( and blog ( He was born in Mirpurkhas, Sind, Pakistan. His elementary school was ST. Michael's Convent High School, Mirpurkhas, Sind, Pakistan. Graduated high school from ST. Bonaventure's Convent High School, Hyderabad, Sind, Pakistan. His pre-med college was S. A. L. Govt. College, Mirpurkas, Sind, Pakistan. Graduated from Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro, Sind, Pakistan in 1990. Earned equivalency certification from Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, Philadelphia, PA in 1994.

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