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[RK] UPDATED Rule Changes. Please read before you post! : RandomKindness

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Hi all,

The mods were discussing a recent influx on game scammers that have been getting banned over at /r/GiftOfGames[1] and /r/SteamGameSwap[2] and then are coming over here to get games to trade off in a different subreddit. We decided we really needed to make sure that we cracked down on these types of requests so we have a few new rules that will be going in place. They are as follows:

Requesting items (including games, gift cards and other items) with the sole intent of giving it away or swapping it to someone else for another item will result in a permanent ban. This subreddit is dedicated to random kindness. Lying and requesting something in order to give it away and get something else is not what this subreddit is about.

Deleting your own previous requests, including if they were unanswered or unfulfilled will result in a permanent ban. This is the biggest red flag of a scammer. Those that are potentially going to be fulfilling your request have the right to know what you have requested before. We have quite a few accounts banned and in their history, all you see is requesting in multiple different subreddits for different things.

Steam accounts are now required to be posted for game requests that involve Steam. This obviously can’t be enforced for physical copies of games (such as 3DS games, Xbox games, etc), as well as other game providers such as Origin, etc. We feel like the majority of games are requested from Steam and this will help cut down on scammers. First time infractions will result in a temporary ban.

In addition, I’d like to remind everyone about our increased temporary ban time. First time rule infractions will be increased to a one month temporary ban. If you are a first time violator of the rules of our sidebar, you can expect to have your post removed, and to be banned for thirty days from /r/RandomKindness[3] . Any further infractions will result in a permanent ban.

You can still view the sidebar on mobile, so there is no excuse for not following the sidebar rules. If you need help with how to see the sidebar on mobile, please view the following image. [4]

No other rules have changed. We still have banned contest voting requests, monetary requests and fundraising or charity requests. As always, be safe, be kind and pay it forward. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to comment below, send the mods a message or send me a message.

Thanks all for making this subreddit so great, and supporting us through our growing pains! We still aren’t used to being a bigger subreddit yet!


via [RK] UPDATED Rule Changes. Please read before you post! : RandomKindness.


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