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Introduction to Portraiture: Techniques for a Perfect Headshot – Skillshare

This is an INTRODUCTORY / BEGINNING level course.  This is a "down to the basics" class to begin your photography adventures with.  If you are a more experienced photographer, please understand that I talk about basic camera concepts – but there are details you can apply to help perfect your skills.  If you have any questions before signing up, please feel free to email me!

Please continue reading to find out more about the class, and concepts we will cover.  Enjoy!

Being able to capture a great headshot is a crucial skill for all photographers and a great way to learn a whole host of fundamental photography skills from lighting to composition to posing. 

Headshots are an important skill to master across many genres of photography. Fashion and Editorial photographers require this skill to portray excellent beauty images as well as storytelling and editorial assignments. Many commercial clients require strong head shots to sell beauty and jewelry products.

Portrait and Wedding photographers need this skill to create stunning images of their clients for wall prints, gifts, yearbook photos, etc.. Dozens of types of clients require  beautiful head shots to sell and promote themselves; models, actors, book authors, CEO’s, business owners, musicians, and so on.

What You’ll Learn

A visually appealing and technically correct headshot will create an unforgettable portrait.  The eyes, expression and emotions tell volumes about your subject.  Knowing how to capture the right lighting, composition, posing and expression will help you create show stopping images. 

My business is built on fashion editorial and portrait photography and in this class I’m going to share my techniques, tips and tricks. We’ll cover: 

An Introduction to Portraiture. What is a portrait and what isn’t it and what makes a headshot great?

Lighting. How to achieve a well-lit portrait using natural light.

Composition. What to consider when composing your portrait. 

Expressions. How to ensure your subject tells a story – the right story! – through your portrait. 

Posing & Angles.  How to pose for head shots – and tips & tricks to get the right angles to create a dynamic headshot.

What You’ll Do

Interested in getting started right away? You’ll apply the skills you’re learning to shooting your very own headshots which you can share with your classmates for feedback. 


I recommend using a portrait lens, such as an 50mm or 85mm lens (or something comparable) to achieve the correct look. If using a zoom lens, try and stay between the 50-85mm range. If you do not have a lens, you can rent online via borrow lenses for this class.


For this class you’ll need a camera. A DSLR camera is highly recommended, but you can use whatever you have available (point and shoot, iPhone, etc.). Editing software is recommended, but not required (such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture. etc.)




Student Projects Submitted

Michelle Moore

fashion & high school senior portrait photographer

Michelle Moore is an internationally respected high school senior portrait photographer residing in Seattle, WA. In 2012 she was nominated BEST EMERGING Photographer for the Framed Awards. Her POSING & MOORE guide has been sold in over 20 countries to thousands of photographers.

Michelle has published two successful online “breakout” workshops with Clickin Moms entitled “Creating Your Dream Clients” and “Senior Success” and will be speaking at the Click Away conference in 2014.

Michelle is known for her natural and fresh approach to photographing teens, and starting the successful hair & makeup trend in high school senior portrait photography. Most notable clients include, REPORT footwear, Jessica Lowndes of 90210 and publications such as Inc. Magazine, Seattle Magazine, JNSQ and ZOOEY.

In 2013, Michelle added a handful of local clients to her repertoire, including New York Times Best-Selling Author, Sarah Jio, Jane Park, CEO of Julep and former Kiro 7 Meteorologist Rebecca Stevenson.

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