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Over the centuries of regulations and restrictive legislation, the time has come when the markets are, now, very much distorted. Individuals and small businesses are being systematically driven out of competition or acquired by bigger entities, thanks to the competition killing regulations. Hence, we observe and experience monopolies, duopolies and oligopolies, in almost every aspect of our business, financial, economic, social, political and communication lives. This is true for government which has complete or almost complete monopoly on many aspects of our lives. This is true for businesses where few corporations are ruling almost entire business landscape. This is true for financial sector in which few big banks and financial institutions control the whole multi-trillion dollars system. This is true for economy on which Federal Reserve, Wall Street and few others have complete authority. This is true for our social life in which certain social norms cancel every other way of living. This is true for our political system, almost completely dominated by two extremely corrupt political parties. Our communication system is also a domain of government and few big corporations, and the government regulations are now driving technology sector to the same path.

In the country which supposedly belonged to “We the people”, how can this possibly happen? The truth of the matter is that over the span of last couple of centuries intelligentsia, big money, media and politicians, have seriously exploited and abused the weak points of human psychology. They have played well on our fears, laziness, ignorance and carelessness.

They have caved into our fears of losing competition, insecurity, dependence, financial and economic vulnerability, and physical harm. They have acquired the responsibility to keep competition fair. But, in the process, they are picking up winners and losers. They have taken away our freedoms one after the other, to provide us a false sense of security. They have taken away our self-reliance and have made us dependent on government and welfare. They have limited the scope of our financial assets, and have devalued them over time. They have ruined economy with the ever expanding and tightening regulations. They have created and propagated dubious physical, environmental and geographical threats, to wage unnecessary wars and promote hostilities. They have kept us from true knowledge and have indulged us into useless lavishness. They have taken away our natural desire to find truth, and have filled us with apathy.

Their biggest weapon in this war against us is big media, especially TV. TV is the weapon which keeps our attention diverted from things that really matter. It keeps us engaged into worthless entertainment and information. It tells us what its bosses want us to know, in way they want us to know. It creates a tunneled vision on national basis. The enormity of this task is defined by the most important role in maintaining and promoting status quo. TV helps them to keep us in financial and psychological slavery, the self-defeating circle. It basically dictates almost every things in our lives. What we are going to do, and how we are going to do. Which views are we going to hold, about what and how?

Now, the situation is that the whole system has become a mockery of few. There is absolutely no way out of it, except to deregulate the whole system, make government smaller, take away its most of the authority and restore constitutional rights. Going back to the basics. No one will need a permission or license to start and run a business. No one will be stopped from voting, starting a political or any type of party or group. Everyone will be eligible to run for any public office. No special favors. If you do what you are expected and supposed to do, you flourish and grow. Otherwise, you are another victim of fair and open competition.

Two of the worst government regulations are licensing and so called eligibility requirements. You know what are the biggest and most important eligibility requirements? Being a citizen, standing and surviving into competition, and votes. If you have one or more of these eligibility requirements, you do not need a seal of approval from a bureaucrat. We must eliminate or relax most licensing procedures which are the biggest killers of competition and market distortion creators.

Big corporations, media, lobbies, political parties, banks and financial institutions are no doubt creating huge problems. But, they are not the root cause of what is happening to our country and our society. The root cause of this is big government, and extensive and deep regulations which provide government the authority to pick the winners and losers. It provides unnecessary advantage to big corporations, big media, big lobbies, big banks and big political parties. Big government actually creates and leads the gang of elites, for its perpetual and continuous growth in size and authority.
We have to get back to the more individual responsibility. Freedom is impossible without individual responsibility. We must stop looking towards the government for our financial strength, safety and security, rights, discipline, education and training, and healthcare. The whole massacre of healthcare system started with the total control on health insurance companies on healthcare payments. We must understand this. Insurance companies or government do not pay for our healthcare from their own pockets. Their payments come from the money that subscribers and citizens have already paid into the system. Plus, they have to pay for overhead expenses, taxes, utilities, supplies, profits and dividends. All that comes out of the money that we pay to them. In addition to this, insurance companies and government, systematically, raise the cost of healthcare, to keep us trapped. We can make this system far less expensive and efficient on individual, community and cooperative systems of payment. Unfortunately, all the major players in current system like doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, lobbies and politicians have their interests tied to current system. A more efficient and less expensive system run by individuals, communities and cooperatives will not allow the highly inflated cost of healthcare. If I have to pay from my pocket, I will make sure that every penny is worth spending.
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