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30 Days of Awesome: Chase Adam (Watsi) | LinkedIn

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September 01, 2013

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I’m counting down the thirty days until October 1stโ€”when Without Their Permission hits the shelvesโ€”by profiling 30 innovators who exemplify the spirit of my book. Share-away! Everything is under 140 characters.

1 of 30: Chase Adam is vision at and you can follow him @chaseadam17.

Chase (@chaseadam17)

Background is one of the most impressive non-profits I’ve seen and also the first to go through the ranks of Y Combinator. The work they’re doing to crowdfund life-changing medical care for anyone in need for as little as $5 at a time is absolutely awesome.

How awesome? 100% of every donation funds medical care and the org is so dedicated to complete transparency they’ve got a live public spreadsheet online with every financial record.

Meet the future of philanthropy. With accountability like this, you’ll never drop another nickel in a random jar.

What’s been the biggest rejection in your career?

A panel of experts at a business plan competition we placed way too much faith in told us Watsi wouldn’t work.

What’s the biggest barrier to entry for your industry?

Dedication to a cause you believe in. If you never quit, the worst thing that can happen is you die in pursuit of success.

How’d you first build an audience?

Ourselves. Family. Friends. Friends of friends. Friends of friends of friends. Then strangers.

When did you first realize you were on to something?

When friends of friends of friends started donating on Watsi.

Who’s coming up in your field who we should we all know about?

They’re already much more successful than we are, but ClassDojo. They’re going to be huge.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to be like you when they grow up?

That they shouldn’t want to be like me. I’m sure they have the potential to be something much better.


Chase is too modest. If’s standards for accountability and transparency become the standard for non-profits (as I believe they will) it’s going to mean great things. The world is gonna suck a whole lot less.

No matter what your entrepreneurial ambition is, like he says: "if you never quit, the worst thing that can happen is you die in pursuit of success." And far worse than that is never even starting in the first place.

How do you want to change philanthropy?

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Born in 1964, business owner, from Woodbridge, VA, owns ExcitingAds! Inc. ( and blog ( He was born in Mirpurkhas, Sind, Pakistan. His elementary school was ST. Michael's Convent High School, Mirpurkhas, Sind, Pakistan. Graduated high school from ST. Bonaventure's Convent High School, Hyderabad, Sind, Pakistan. His pre-med college was S. A. L. Govt. College, Mirpurkas, Sind, Pakistan. Graduated from Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences, Jamshoro, Sind, Pakistan in 1990. Earned equivalency certification from Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, Philadelphia, PA in 1994.

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