Domination, Perspective, Narrative, Control, Norms, Language

Domination, Perspective, Narrative, Control, Norms, Language

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In every era and in every culture, there are dominant thoughts, patterns, words, terminologies, symbology and language which had and still does represent what was or is considered “normal”. In some other cultures or in some other times the same norms might have been considered as complete insanity, stupid, ridiculous, evil, devilish and even sin. Still, most people belonging to that specific culture totally believed that they were absolutely right, and the opposite and differing views were completely wrong. Throughout the course of history, we see that the same culture may later adopt the completely opposite views as normal and discard the existing ones. Things that used to be considered extremely wrong gradually become not only acceptable but, even desirable over time. Have you ever given thought to the question, why?

I have read lots of history and analyzed many cultures. Given a deeper look at the evolution, change, and destruction of cultures. I have come to the conclusion that all this happens because most people behave in a certain manner not because that is the way they want to behave or because they are satisfied with their line of action. In every culture and in all known ages in human history, most people seem to be the part of a herd which is being pushed by a very small group of wealthy, powerful, intelligent, psychopathic, brutal and unethical group of people. Cultural norms are usually not directed towards the happiness, desires, needs, well-being, wants and rights of the individual. These always seem to revolve around the status quo. These are always directed at maintaining the power and control structure.

In most cases, the cultural norms have been highly injurious to common people. But, for many strange reasons, people continue to blindly follow the narrative. A large number of people would go as far as ending their lives to satisfy the cultural norms, commonly termed as “sacrifices” and these people are commonly remembered as heroes. Wars are the common tools that elite use to sacrifice commoners on their vicious interests. Yet, common people have always strongly believed that wars are fought in the absolute interests of masses although they cause huge destruction to the masses and benefit only the status quo. We see that many advanced civilizations got lost in the widespread fire of wars. Why do we never learn any lessons and keep committing the same blunders, keep falling into the same trap and keep following the same bait?

Every one of us is a completely distinctive, unique existence. None of us is what others think or believe. We are not government slaves, we are not media narratives, we are not the proofs for political correctness of education and we are not the prisoners of culture, religion, and nationalities. God created each and every one of us as a distinctive manifestation of His own greatness. All individuals are unique manifestations of divine whole. Every individual is supposed to have and deserves his or her very own personal experiences. None of us was created to fit in the one size fits all religions, cultures, nationalities, ethnicities, races, and political and legal structures.

Ironically, we are being continuously pulled and pushed into a binary thinking. You and us. My culture is superior and everyone else is barbaric, people in my religion are chosen ones and people in all the other religions or no religions are going to hell, my country is the best ever and all the other countries must be subjugated to it, we are the greatest nation ever and have the right to tell all the other nations what to do and what not to do, we are the superior race and all the other races are inferior to us, and we own the only right way to think and all the other ways of thinking are wrong. While the truth is that every individual is entitled to have his or her own way of thinking, own exploration, search, and research, own set of knowledge, own set of conclusions and beliefs, own culture and own way of living. None of us has a right to impose his or her own way of thinking, findings, knowledge, conclusions, culture, and way of living on anyone else. The whole beauty of an individual existence lies in his or her uniqueness. The worst thing you can do to someone is to take away his or her free will. The common terminology for this is enslavement. By taking away someone’s free will without his or her consent you actually enslave that person. You commit an incredible and unforgivable act and sin of involuntary slavery. Sadly, this is exactly what governments, organized religions, cultures, nations, countries and educational systems are designed for.

There are words in all languages which can immediately convey the message that the person who slightly is deviating from our norms is some kind of freak. As a matter of fact, the word “freak” is itself frequently used to let people know that being different is horrible. We are constantly being told to be ourselves. But, at the same we are also being relentlessly monitored to not make ourselves, stand out beyond certain limits. Suddenly you could be anything like weird, freak, stupid, idiot, ridiculous and even a terrorist, if you dare to step out of not just your, but, even the other people’s comfort zones. We read about Aristotle, Galileo, Tesla, Newton, Einstein and Steve Jobs, and their iconic achievements. But, we are hardly ever told, how weird they actually were from the standpoint of norms at their times.

We are not our brain, we are not our mind, we are not even our consciousness. We survive, exist and thrive independent of all of these. We address these as my brain, my mind, and my consciousness. Our journey is to find the one who is claiming brain, mind, and consciousness as his or her own. This individual who is a unique expression of the whole is the only real one. His or her all other identities are fake and temporary. This individual continues his or her journey to the whole or the original source regardless of anything.
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