This article analyzes the retirement options for Americans, in the light of rapidly ongoing, current depletion of funds in Social Security reserves. Explores causes and solutions to the problem. Brings into focus the inherent structural deficiencies in Social Security System. Compares it with other options like privatization. Criticizes the current policy of kicking empty can down the road, being practiced both major political parties and major media outlets.

This article analyzes the conflicts of interest between consumers, providers, health insurance companies, employers and government, in the light of current controversies under newly enforced government mandates. Highlights the real causes of rising healthcare costs and solutions for those. Provides a historical perspective. Explores the effects on individual rights and choices. Explains why the benefits and services like healthcare should not be tied to employment.

This article analyzes the constitutional check-n-balance between three branches of government, in the light of current Supreme Court unanimous decision over three NLRB recess appointments. Shows, why is it critically important to maintain this balance in order to guarantee fair use of authority, respect for democratic principles and well-being our nation and economy. Provides a historical perspective to this issue.

This article analyzes the two fundamental constitutional responsibilities of United States government, promotion of trade and protection of personal property. Emphasizes the fact , no where in constitution, it is mentioned that the responsibility of U.S. government is to police the world or infringe on personal property like money. Successfully relates the growing size of government with it’s ever increasing malfunction. Points out that the big governments like United States are the biggest hurdle in promotion of peace and stability in the world and the true welfare of their own people.

This article analyzes the falsely presumed presidential authority to issue executive orders, in the light of constitution and history. Points out that president of United States has no constitutional authority to amend constitution, with an executive order. This country belongs to “We the people” and the legislative authority lies totally in the hands of congress of United States of America., while only courts have the authority to interpret constitution. Sheds the light on fact that infringement on the right to bear arms, is just another step towards establishing full blown tyranny in this country.

This article analyzes the debt ceiling issue, in the light of revenue versus spending debate, and the argument of fairness. Informs readers about, why the spending, and government size needed to be slashed, along with a temporary raise in debt ceiling. With the help of authentic stats and numbers, the article, effectively shows that we absolutely do not have a revenue issue. What we have is a serious spending issue. Sheds light on the fact that our tax code is already very unfair, and the recent tax hikes are going to make it even more unfair.

This article analyzes national debt ceiling issue, in the light of size of government, spending, annual budget deficits and sovereign debt. Chalks out the extremely dangerous spiral, government has been taking us to. Tries to wake up people from an over trust on corrupt, big and irresponsible government. Takes on the arguments presented by the proponents of big government, Barack Obama, for example, one at a time.

This article analyzes the links between violence, firearms and gun control. Breaks down the British statistics in historic perspective. Cites the example of Switzerland. Effectively shows that the firearm ownership has absolutely no link to the rate of violence in a society. It is more related to the other factors like cultural norms and social structures. Evaluates the other benefits of firearms ownership. For example, safety from foreign invasion, no need for standing army, freedom and happily party culture.

This article analyzes the violent crimes and right to bear arms, in the light of United States constitution and historical background. Explores, why this right was provided and why it is critically important to maintain it. Uncovers the potential dangers attached to the disarming of people. Tries to find out the intentions of government and other groups that want to take away this right. Provides authentic quotes from our forefathers and references from history and constitution itself. Emphasizes that constitution and history cannot be re-defined in accordance with the wishes of liberal groups.

This article analyzes the issue of the legal recognition of gay marriages, civil rights and the constitutionality of bans. Provides a deep and extensive historical perspective to the issue. Sheds light on the evolution of sexual relationships. Highlights the money, power and influence related issues effecting gay rights, marriage and sexual activities. Offers a criticism of different leading arguments, being presented, in this nationwide debate. Brings into focus the human side of issue. Provokes the American values of equality of rights and protection for everyone.

This article analyzes the under cover and covert operations of terrorism, executed by CIA, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and other extremist groups, in Pakistan, United States and other countries around the world. Explores the missing links in media reports and political propaganda. Highlights the agony of Pakistan and Pakistanis, suffering from this chaos, which is basically a result of radical war against Soviet invasion on Afghanistan. Builds up credible timeline in between events, their cause and consequences, as opposed to main stream media and politicians.

This article analyzes, in depth, the issues of wars, national budget deficits and debt, policing of world and new world order. Highlights the grave and real consequences of imperialistic policies. Shows, how the downfall of empire is inevitable, if the current senseless policies are continued, maintained and not changed. Effectively proves that Barack Obama is just as a disappointment and utter failure, as George Bush. Brings into focus the fact that both major parties work for same lobbies and serve the save special interests.

This articles analyzes the current situation in United States, regarding tolerance and civil liberties, and the effects of money, politics, lobbies, media and corporatism, on it. Exposes the intolerably bad effects of two party dictatorship on our political system. Points out, why it is critically important, for every American, to get out the trap, built by both major political parties, with the help of their bosses in corporate media and lobbies, and start voting for third party candidates, even if they do not have lots of lobbies’ money and they cannot run big and fancy campaigns, filled with treachery and deceit.

This article analyzes the issues related to financing of political campaigns. Summarizes the state of extreme corruption in our political system. Points out to the fact. how our sold out politicians and corporate media are selling the notion of “voting for lesser evil”, in the midst of rampant disappointment among the American people, regarding the both, so called, major political parties. Emphasizes the point that the notion of voting for lesser evil is extremely insulting for a nation of over 300 million people.

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