U.S., Police, Militarization, Constitution, Terrorism, Drugs.

This article analyzes the issue of ever increasing militarization of U.S. law enforcement agencies, in the light of current incidents. Provides a detailed constitutional and historical perspective. Brings into focus the never ending, costly, useless and baseless domestic and foreign wars. Sheds light on unfortunate fact that U.S. government wants to solve every real and perceived problem with a new war.

Paul, Perry, Iran, Iraq, ISIS, Syria

This article analyzes the media spectacle on U.S. foreign policy in Middle East, going on between Texas governor Rick Perry and Kentucky senator Rand Paul. Provides a historical perspective. Brings into focus the potential cost and associated hazards of Rick Perry’s proposals. Highlights the vision, intelligence, wisdom and knowledge possessed by Rand Paul. Paints the picture with a broader and deeper perspective.

Ex-Im, Exports, Subsidies, Competition, Cost, Jobs

This article analyzes the effects of market manipulations on economy and its growth. Provides a full blown historical perspective, in the light of current developments. Explains, what made us the greatest economic power, ever, and what is causing our decline. Highlights the fact that by steering away from the greatest constitution and the best charter of freedom, ever, we axed our own foot. As a result of that we are, now, losing our leadership position in the world.

American foreign Policy Disasters, Losses, Pakistan

This article analyzes the the cause and damages attached to terrorism and War on Terror. Provides a historic perspective. Performs a cause and effect analysis, and reviews the cost effectiveness of War on Terror. Sheds light on U.S. foreign policy and aftermath of post 9/11 wars. Article has special focus on Pakistan. Explores the role of Pakistan and the cost it is paying for being a U.S. ally in War on Terror.

Taxation, Representation, House, Senate, Government, Obamacare

This article analyzes the debacle of Obamacare. Points out to the fact that it was upheld by Supreme Court only because of a reason repeatedly denied by president Obama and his administration, the fact that it is a tax. As a matter of fact the largest single tax hike in human history valuing upto 700 billion dollars. Proves that it has failed to deliver almost every promise attached to it. Concludes that in no way, it justifies the enormous cost.

Fed, Banks, Growth, Monetary, Purchases, Recession

This article analyzes the notion of “helping the poor”. Provides a historical perspective. Compares freedom and opportunity with dependence and welfare. Examines the roll of government interventions and regulations in rapidly growing gap between rich and poor. Reminds the readers that our Capitalist economy was able to make this gap narrowest, ever, in human history while creating the biggest and richest middle class, ever.

Free Markets, Entrepreneurs, Cooperatives, Employee Ownership

This article analyzes the concepts free markets, entrepreneurship, cooperatives, employee ownership of business and Democracy. Highlights the similarities between master and slave relationship, and owner and employee relationship. Shows, why the business structures that would share profits with employees, will be far more efficient than the businesses with hired employees. In employee ownership of business, everyone who is working, is driven by most powerful market forces like profits, freedom and competition.

Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis. Part 1

This article is first in a series, analyzing the current state of affairs in United States under a very broad spectrum of global background, history, facts exploration, research, politics and Economics. Finds out, if the global and historical class warfare still going on in U.S.? Do we still have a class which is trying to enslave the masses? Explores the attacks on constitution of United States of America. Highlights the facts, why elite class envies our constitution, so much?

Minimum Wage, Paid Lower, Higher, Stats

This article analyzes the issue of minimum wage from business, economic, financial and social relationships point of view. Digs into the root causes of currently very hot discussion. Proposes that beating about the same bush will not solve the problems. All the currently proposed solutions are tried again and again, before. We are having this discussion again, because, issues are not resolved, at least in long run.

Voting For Third Party? Libertarian? Good?

This article analyzes the option of voting for third parties. Discusses the arguments for and against the multiple party system. Brings into focus the importance of competition and availability of choice. Points out to the rampant corruption and cronyism in current two party dominance over our political system. Explains, how improved competition and more choices can change the situation. Appeals to the voters for voting in accordance with merit, not the affiliations.

Wars, Military Industrial Complex, Cost, Taxes

This article analyzes the ever going U.S. wars and defense spending. Brings into focus the global scenario, economic and financial questions and concerns, rapidly growing size of government, its control, power and authority, Performs a rough cost and benefit analysis. Raises the question, do these wars really worth that much? Why would we allow them to tear down our very national, social, economic and financial fabric?

Individual, Society, State, Government, Authority, God

This article analyzes the origins, history, philosophies and ideologies, regarding the existence and the authority enjoyed by state and government. Compares and contrasts those with the liberty and freedom of individual. Finds out what is more important. Is it the government and state, or is it the liberty and freedom of individual? Reviews the major arguments, in the light of nature, reason and history.

Action, Enjoyment, Liberty, Force, Government, Individual

This article compares individualism with collectivism. Finds out, if the collective good lies in individual freedom and happiness or individual welfare lies in collective reforms. Borrows arguments from the evolution of societies and civilization. Shows the contrast between the individual ownership of him or herself and statism. Justifies the value of inalienable rights to life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness.

Global Warming, Energy Insanity, Taxes, Subsidies

This article analyzes the rampant corruption and cronyism going on in U.S. government, in the name of wars and green technology. Unveils the role of corporate lobbies and big media in this ongoing and worsening situation. Points out, why a government too big in size and authority is the biggest threat to the survival of any nation and country. Diggs out and suggests the possible solutions for this serious problem.

Krugman, Reinhart, Debt, Spending, Taxes, Growth

This article analyzes and compares conflicting views and opinions of two of the world’s most popular economists, Mr. Krugman and Mr. Reinhart. The basic argument is, whether we spend our way out of this crisis or should we pull our reins on reckless spending. Mr. Krugman is advocating the idea of making more money available for economy, regardless of its source. On the other hand, Mr. Reinhart, holds the view that it really matters where money is coming from.

Obama, Budget Deficits, Taxes, Spending, CBO

This article analyzes the current U.S. budget and debt crisis, in the light of two party duopoly on our political system. Points out the fact that people are flip flopping from one party to another, in the false hope of getting something better out of other party. Unfortunately, every time we switch over to the other party, the outcome we get is even worse than before. The reason for that is because both parties are now totally corrupt, and work for same corporations and their lobbies. The only way out of this mess is a third party controlling White House.

Executive Order, Constitutional Amendment, Dictatorship

This article analyzes the falsely presumed presidential authority to issue executive orders, in the light of constitution and history. Points out that president of United States has no constitutional authority to amend constitution, with an executive order. This country belongs to “We the people” and the legislative authority lies totally in the hands of congress of United States of America., while only courts have the authority to interpret constitution. Sheds the light on fact that infringement on the right to bear arms, is just another step towards establishing full blown tyranny in this country.

Violence, Government, Rights, Constitution, Guns

This article analyzes the links between violence, firearms and gun control. Breaks down the British statistics in historic perspective. Cites the example of Switzerland. Effectively shows that the firearm ownership has absolutely no link to the rate of violence in a society. It is more related to the other factors like cultural norms and social structures. Evaluates the other benefits of firearms ownership. For example, safety from foreign invasion, no need for standing army, freedom and happily party culture.

Gay Marriages, Constitution, Civil Liberties

This article analyzes the issue of the legal recognition of gay marriages, civil rights and the constitutionality of bans. Provides a deep and extensive historical perspective to the issue. Sheds light on the evolution of sexual relationships. Highlights the money, power and influence related issues effecting gay rights, marriage and sexual activities. Offers a criticism of different leading arguments, being presented, in this nationwide debate. Brings into focus the human side of issue. Provokes the American values of equality of rights and protection for everyone.

CIA, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Working Together

This article analyzes the under cover and covert operations of terrorism, executed by CIA, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and other extremist groups, in Pakistan, United States and other countries around the world. Explores the missing links in media reports and political propaganda. Highlights the agony of Pakistan and Pakistanis, suffering from this chaos, which is basically a result of radical war against Soviet invasion on Afghanistan. Builds up credible timeline in between events, their cause and consequences, as opposed to main stream media and politicians.