Ex-Im, Exports, Subsidies, Competition, Cost, Jobs

This article analyzes the effects of market manipulations on economy and its growth. Provides a full blown historical perspective, in the light of current developments. Explains, what made us the greatest economic power, ever, and what is causing our decline. Highlights the fact that by steering away from the greatest constitution and the best charter of freedom, ever, we axed our own foot. As a result of that we are, now, losing our leadership position in the world.

Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis, Part 19

This article analyzes the Federal Reserve System, deficit financing, government backed bonds and securities, paper money, budget deficits and sovereign debt, in the light of experience of Great Recession of 2008-2009. Explores the history of the formation of Fed. Uncovers the partnership between big banks and government, in the form of Federal Reserve System. Explains, how Fed is responsible for repeated bubbles, deficits, and credit and debt crises in our economy.

Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis, Part 12

This article analyzes the big government burden on economy and country’s finances, in the light of the experience of 1958 recession. Spells out the enormously adverse effects of direct and indirect taxes and sovereign debt on take home money. Highlights the reason why people are taking home less and less money after ever increasing payroll deductions. Makes it very clear that the continuous decrease in take home money is not coming out of thin air. It is a direct result of bigger government and its enormously ballooning debt.

Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis. Part 1

This article is first in a series, analyzing the current state of affairs in United States under a very broad spectrum of global background, history, facts exploration, research, politics and Economics. Finds out, if the global and historical class warfare still going on in U.S.? Do we still have a class which is trying to enslave the masses? Explores the attacks on constitution of United States of America. Highlights the facts, why elite class envies our constitution, so much?

Voting For Third Party? Libertarian? Good?

This article analyzes the option of voting for third parties. Discusses the arguments for and against the multiple party system. Brings into focus the importance of competition and availability of choice. Points out to the rampant corruption and cronyism in current two party dominance over our political system. Explains, how improved competition and more choices can change the situation. Appeals to the voters for voting in accordance with merit, not the affiliations.

History, Governments, Wars, Laws, Taxation, Rights

This article analyzes history, in the light of different political and economic ideologies and point of views. Highlights the major players and their roles in good, and bad. Compares different interpretations and discusses various proposed solutions. Brings into focus the ideas of authority and freedom. Finds out, how government has been the single most common and destructive weapon, in all the destruction and havoc, ever imposed on humanity.

Individual, Society, State, Government, Authority, God

This article analyzes the origins, history, philosophies and ideologies, regarding the existence and the authority enjoyed by state and government. Compares and contrasts those with the liberty and freedom of individual. Finds out what is more important. Is it the government and state, or is it the liberty and freedom of individual? Reviews the major arguments, in the light of nature, reason and history.

Spending, Deficits, Financial Sustainability, Government

This article analyzes the current U.S. government policies, in general. Discusses the arguments being used by Obama administration, in the favor of their policies. Provides some some key statistics and examples, directly related to the burning issues. Discloses the dramatically increasing insolvency of U.S. government, and it’s various funds and programs. Compares the more revenues argument with less spending proposals. Finds out, the real causes of major problem, faced by us, today. Provides a far more comprehensive picture, then what is being portrayed by government and media.

Executive Order, Constitutional Amendment, Dictatorship

This article analyzes the falsely presumed presidential authority to issue executive orders, in the light of constitution and history. Points out that president of United States has no constitutional authority to amend constitution, with an executive order. This country belongs to “We the people” and the legislative authority lies totally in the hands of congress of United States of America., while only courts have the authority to interpret constitution. Sheds the light on fact that infringement on the right to bear arms, is just another step towards establishing full blown tyranny in this country.

Our Story: Whore Choopo Ganne

This article analyzes, in depth, the issues of wars, national budget deficits and debt, policing of world and new world order. Highlights the grave and real consequences of imperialistic policies. Shows, how the downfall of empire is inevitable, if the current senseless policies are continued, maintained and not changed. Effectively proves that Barack Obama is just as a disappointment and utter failure, as George Bush. Brings into focus the fact that both major parties work for same lobbies and serve the save special interests.

Global Recession: Causes, Consequences, Fixes, Part 9

This article analyzes the contributing factors, results and cures for economic and financial recessions, and depressions, with a special emphasis on fortieth U.S. president Ronald Reagan, his policies, achievements and failures. Digs deep into the ideological warfare between right and left, going on in United States and in the world, right now.